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Solving unique pain points

Marketing and HR teams often need custom solutions to solve custom problems. Our back-end development team specializes in providing technical solutions for businesses across North America.  See how some of our clients have leveraged the capabilities of our back-end team to build-out custom applications that addressed their own unique pain points.

cat fanciers association logo

Cat Fanciers Association

A custom cloud-based registry  

A system that allows fanciers world-wide to their cats, litters, registrations & birth certificates online. The software offers an easy input process for staff so that they can help members quickly and easily.

tennis canada database creators

Tennis Canada

Tennis player stats database

A system that collects intricate data on every single tennis player. They use this data to build better marketing campaigns, streamline processes and provide information to their customers and staff at their fingertips.

attractions ontario developers

Attractions Ontario

Tourism marketing campaign development software 

This system allows the marketing teams powering Ontario attractions to design unique marketing campaigns, content and information to Attraction Ontario visitors as well as promote their events on the Attraction Ontario website.

globeres development company


Accommodations booking agent

Hotel’s were one of the first adopters of e-commerce. Guests visit sites like Expedia, Hotwire, to book rooms at their favorite hotels. Because of this, hotels pay a huge commission to these third-party websites (around 20-30% of the total reservation). Globeres empowers hotels to take reservation from their own websites. That way, they can keep more of their money in-house and re-focus their marketing efforts. It’s in use by hundreds of properties throughout the world from Canada to Australia.

barmac garage door custom database development

Barmac Garage Doors

Project management software

Barmac Garage Doors is Canada’s standard garage door manufacturer. Barmac hired Computan to create a lot-chart application. Lot Chart is a project management system that Barmac staff uses to track their garage door installs, developments, contractors, vendors, part inventory and service orders. It allows Barmac’s staff to track all work, the nature of the project, time completed and any previous support done to the doors. The software also ties into Barmac’s numerous third party systems.

ontario app developers. Looking for the best app developers in Ontario. What are the leading tech companies in Ontario.

Governement of Ontario

Online learning management system

The Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services supports and governs thousands of services workers throughout the province of Ontario. New legislation is released with regulation through the province and service workers must stay up to date.  To help with online and remote training Computan built the MCSS a learning management system so that staff can get certified and re-certified in the required training programs. To streamline the process Computan  provides direct end-user support to the service workers to resolve any issues navigating through the training.


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