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Content is the lifeblood of inbound marketing. From your website to your blog, your content has the ability to attract visitors and convert leads. Computan’s copywriting and blogging teams are content generation superstars who write with purpose and a unique voice on topics ranging from digital marketing to sports, from tech gadgets to cars, and everything in between.

How to Email Celebrities and CEO’s

Thanksgiving Thursday is a day to appreciate all the wonderful things we are blessed with. Be it health, family, shelter, a great career or seven unwatched episodes of The A-Team in your Netflix Instant Queue. Black Friday is a day to forget all that crap and shop till you drop.

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Mercedes-Benz increases sales by 13.6%

The exciting times continue for Performance Mercedes-Benz in St. Catharines as well as Mercedes-Benz dealerships throughout the world! Mercedes-Benz company sold more than 151,135 vehicles to customers in May, 12.8% more than last year in the same month.

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Toyota FT-1, from the virtual world to reality

Perhaps the most spectacular car concept at the recent Buenos Aires Motor Show was the Toyota FT-1. Originally unveiled at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, the FT-1 is a race car prototype.

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The Characters in Black Friday Sales

You’ve done it before. Send a personal email introducing yourself or something you’re selling to someone that isn’t expecting it like a celebrity or CEO. You hope they’ll get the message and respond instantly,

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Best Places for Late Night Eats in Toronto

At HERO we know late-night better than most. After all, most of our Toronto locations downtown are open until 3am on the weekends and one is open 24 hours! We see the after-hours crowd and  and the early-riser crowds.

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Why Buy a Corolla?

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. With a wide variety of choices and features the Corolla can be customized to fit whatever you may be trying to find in your new car.

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