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Need a playbook to master content marketing? Look no further! You will get: The Content Marketing Campaign work flow used by content marketing experts and Fortune 100 comapnies. Read More….
How much business did you get from sending cold emails this month? Do your unsolicited sales emails just go into a black hole with no response from the recipient? Not anymore! Get 91% open-rates from your cold emails! Read More….
Find out how much your next marketing project or ongoing marketing help will cost if you do it in house or outsourced. You’ll get: An-easy to follow Excel file to budget all your marketing projects Read More….
Marketing a startup isn’t easy. Chances are you don’t have the resources of a big business or your friends still in corporate. Nonetheless, you do need a marketing plan. Read More….
Marketing Technologists are the new wave of marketing executive your business or marketing team needs. These experts in marketing and technology can screen, select and implement the right marketing products and services for your business to get your marketing strategy in gear. Read More….
You need marketing support. But you don’t have an army of people and are probably running on a tight budget. Use this contract….yes! An actual contract that you can present to your marketing agency about services and tasks to do. Read More….
Marketing on a budget? Want to reduce your buying cycle time and get into more conversations? Use these tools to become a master social seller. Read More….
Want to go viral and become the go-to organization in your industry for customers and other businesses? Grab our guide and learn how! Our marketing analysts studied 300 of the most popular social media accounts from businesses and celebriteis to find the patterns to viral content! Read More….
The Must-Have Whitepaper for Content Marketing On A Budget!
Many marketing departments think content marketing is off limits since they don’t have some fancy marketing software to help them. WRONG! Read More….
How many leads did your digital marketing get for you last month? Do you know what it really takes to have a great website that drives visitors, leads and revenue? Read More….
If you’re reading this ebook there is a good chance that you are a marketing leader or the person in your business responsible for managing the lead generation and marketing endeavors. You probably also have a small marketing team in house that you use to help you take care of marketing-related activities. Read More….