App Development – Computan takes Barmac to the next level

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December 14, 2014
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App Development – Computan takes Barmac to the next level

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Barmac-Robinson Adams, one of Canada’s  industry leaders in the manufacturing and design of steel and wooden overhead doors and garages, chooses Computan’s digital asset and digital marketing teams to develop it’s new Lot Chart application.  Barmac’s 65,000 sq ft. facility is used to design some of the most complicated and innovative garage doors for houses and commercial buildings in Canada.  If you see a garage door you like it’s probably a Barmac!

The lot chart application will help streamline overhead door manufacturing and will serve as a portal for Barmac’s corporate staff, on-site contractors, builders and homeowners.  The system will allow the firm to track details, status and accounting on all projects from anywhere in the world.  Further, dispatched contractors on site can provide details back to corporate about work done, time completed and parts used to support existing projects and new installs.  The app development and support is a long-term partnership between Computan and Barmac that dates back to Computan setting up the initial revolutionary lot chart application over 10 years ago.



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