Briana Walgenbach

Nurturing Customers & Accelerating Deals - Briana Walgenbach

Briana Walgenbach, AI Strategic Lead and Content & Video Coach at IMPACT. Briana and our host Sajeel Qureshi discuss the integration of AI within B2B marketing and sales, assignment selling, and the importance of breaking down department silos for business growth.

Alaina Corsini

Decoding RevOps - Alaina Corsini

Alaina Corsini, Marketing Director at Red Shark Digital. Alaina and Sajeel discuss RevOps's roots and its application in different businesses, regardless of size. The conversation covers the connection between marketing and sales, customer success, and the role of AI in RevOps.

Casey Peddicord

Simplicity in Complexity - Casey Peddicord

Casey Peddicord, Senior Vice President Of Sales at Globalia is joining us today. Casey shares his philosophy on optimizing RevOps, emphasizing the need for simplicity and reduction of complexities.

Chris Walker

Strategic RevOps Transformation - Chris Walker

Join Chris and our host, Sajeel Qureshi, as they explore the significance of RevOps in Go-To-Market strategies. Chris highlights the common challenges companies face, such as understaffing and underfunding RevOps.

Brian Stout

Value Operations - Brian Stout

Today, we're thrilled to have Brian Stout, the Head of Marketing and Founder of Differ, as our guest. Join Brian and our host, Sajeel Qureshi, as they explore the depths of a holistic RevOps approach that extends beyond mere technology. 

Dylan Wickliffe

Intentional RevOps - Dylan Wickliffe

Joining us today is Dylan Wickliffe, the visionary VP of Growth at Media Junction. Embark on a journey where unconscious efforts transform into deliberate collaborations in RevOps.

Nicole Pereira

Simplicity Over Complexity - Nicole Pereira

Step into the insightful realm of RevOps with our special guest, Nicole Pereira, the innovative mind behind Remotish and the Founder/Co-Owner of CULTURISH. In this engaging conversation led by our host, Sajeel Qureshi, Nicole delves deep into the vital aspects of RevOps

Charlie Riley

First Hire in Sales & Marketing - Charlie Riley

We have a special guest with us today, Charlie Riley, who serves as the VP of Marketing at Send. In this episode, Charlie discusses with our host, Sajeel Qureshi, to explore the evolving role of RevOps.

Kelly Hopping

Quantifying Marketing Influence - Kelly Hopping

Joining us today is Kelly Hopping, Chief Marketing Officer at HYCU. Join Kelly and our host, Sajeel Qureshi as they delve into the role of attribution in tracking marketing effectiveness, AI's impact on transforming marketing roles and strategies and much more.

Glen Swyers

Direct Mail Is Dead - Glen Swyers

Joining us today is Glen Swyers, Director of Marketing Integration at Imagine. Gather around as Glen engages with our host, Sajeel Qureshi about the modern marketing mix that emphasizes catering to communication preferences.

Samara Donald

Becoming Human-Centered - Samara Donald

Joining us today is Samara Donald, Head of Pan & Cross Industry Marketing at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Songwriter, Producer, & Publisher at Mirror House Music Group. 

Scott Schneider

Light Bulb Moments - Scott Schneider

Scott joins host Sajeel Qureshi to talk about the advantages of having a revenue officer who seamlessly integrates data-driven insights with creative strategies, thereby making a substantial contribution to the company's overall growth.

Mitja Alexander Linss

Transparency and Communication - Mitja-Alexander Linss

Mitja joins host Sajeel Qureshi to talk about how customer centricity is not about growth, lead generation, lead capture, and demand generation. It is all about the sustainable growth of your organization.

Scott Horn

Reassessing and Replatforming - Scott Horn

Please welcome to the show Scott Horn, Chief Marketing Officer at EnterpriseDB. Scott joins host Sajeel Qureshi to talk about how to integrate new technology into your company to improve RevOps.

Samantha Rideout

Connective Tissue is Necessary - Samantha Rideout

Please welcome to the show Samantha Rideout, Director of Product Marketing at Cohere Health and Professor of Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University. Samantha joins host Sajeel Qureshi to discuss creating a strong team rather than a roster of strong individuals.

Brandon Bussey

Knowing and Compensating for Your Weaknesses - Brandon Bussey

Today’s guest is a tech industry expert, a data-driven RevOp, a development leader, and was honored as one of Utah Businesses’ 40 under 40 for 2022. Please welcome to the show Brandon Bussey, Partner at Unicorn Revenue Operations. 

Braxton Carr

Sustainable Revenue - Braxton Carr

Please welcome to the show Braxton Carr, Director of Revenue Enablement at UserGems. Braxton joins host Sajeel Qureshi to talk about how you can curate the best buying experience for the people within your company’s ICP. 

Ardyce Taylor

Keeping Your Data Clean - Ardyce Taylor

Today’s guest is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Pro with a reputation for pushing the envelope & and delivering results. Please welcome to the show Ardyce Taylor, Director of Performance Marketing at Filevine.

Kelly Owen Grover

The Top and Bottom Line Growth - Kelly Owen Grover

Kelly joins host Sajeel Qureshi to talk about how important it is to build the foundation of trust with your potential clients. Start with having a relationship with the client to build that trust. 

Nikki Gertner

The Puzzle Pieces of RevOps - Nikki Gertner

Today’s guest is an experienced graphic designer, an expert at client services, and she was the 2021 Top Woman in Media Tech Trail Blazer Honoree. Please welcome to the show Nikki Gertner, Director of Product Marketing at Celtra.

Nick Talbert

Eliminating Friction - Nick Talbert

Today’s guest is highly skilled in technical SEO and marketing automation. He’s dedicated his entire career basically to designing and executing major initiatives that always perform their target goals.

Brooke Fitts

Look For The Who Not The What - Brooke Fitts

Today we have Brooke Fitts, Co-Founder at Jodder. Brooke discusses with Sajeel Qureshi that working in different industries is very helpful. Not only do you learn something new, but you can also usually share some lessons learned.

Saurabh Sanganee

Building A Revenue Plan - Saurabh Sanganee

Today, we have Saurabh Sanganee, Director of Revenue Operations at GoBolt. Saurabh discusses with Sajeel Qureshi what the four pillars of RevOps are. The four pillars are people, process, technology, and data. 

Darryl Praill

Balancing the Power Dynamic - Darryl Praill

Darryl discusses with Sajeel Qureshi his two myths on RevOps, one is that not every RevOp have the skills to optimize operations and two, that RevOps tend to implement the tech that they are biased towards.

Jeremy Woolf

The Change Management - Jeremy Woolf

Want to know how to focus on your value proposition as a RevOp? We have just the episode for you! Today we have Jeremy Woolf, Chief Executive Officer at First Domino Marketing. 

Srujan Joshi

Understanding The Customer Journey - Srujan Joshi

Srujan discusses with Sajeel Qureshi the importance of taking a step back to understand what your strategy is. It is so important to know the strategy you are trying to go for. 

Casey Cheshire

Mapping Out Your Process - Casey Cheshire

Today we have Casey Cheshire, Founder and CEO of Ringmaster Conversational Marketing and Podcast Host of The Hard Corps Marketing Show & Creating The Greatest Show. Casey discusses with Sajeel Qureshi how important it is to have a strategy.