Hi guys, my name is Sajeel and I’m the VP of Operations at Computan. My teammates in marketing asked me to write the ‘Our Story’ page for the website, but I’m not some savvy marketer who can write salesy text in a simple way for the casual website visitor. I guess the best way to get answers is to ask questions, so here we go.

Who Runs/Started Computan?

My parents started Computan in 1987…which is about 10 years after my dad immigrated to Canada. My dad came to study at The University of Ottawa in 1977, graduated with a degree in engineering in 3 years and then got a job as a fresh grad working as a plant manager at General Motors in a town named St. Catharines, Ontario. After working there for 10 years and learning about computers and hardware my dad saw an opportunity to help bring these amazing machines to individuals and businesses in the town and became the resident town expert. My folks would hold classes in our corporate office showroom, do exhibits at shopping malls, do seminars for corporations and other things. It seems like him and Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead were doing content marketing before it was really a thing.

My brothers and I would help assemble CPUs, quarantine viruses, clean CPU fans, swap drives, resuscitate printers and other stuff way before we hit high school. In Grade 7 I coded my elementary school’s first website… yes it looked like an 11- year old did it...yes I was a bachelor throughout all of elementary school.

As needs and technology changed so did Computan’s offering. We sold Internet access and then web hosting and managed IT services. Then in the mid-late 90s we evolved into helping marketers and businesses with web development. Development is where we’ve kind of stayed ever since although the nature of that development and the digital age has changed a ton since then. Looking back we’ve done a lot of cool stuff over the years…like making the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the first people to live stream a view of Niagara Falls online, building the world’s first web-based tennis ranking system, coding the largest online registry of pedigreed cats and building interactive websites and applications in partnership with the hundreds of marketers we’ve helped support over that time.

Who runs it now? Well, that’s tough to say…there over 80 members on the team and solving the problems we solve is a team effort. Because that’s what marketers like you demand of us. I’m the aging veteran on a younger, faster squad who do things way better than I do.

What the ‘freak’ does Computan mean anyway?

Computan is a play on words. Compu for computer and Tan is my dad’s first name. Hence the name Computan. I’ve tried Googling Computan and I think it’s a word in Spanish too. I know nothing about Spanish.

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