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Improving your marketing team’s technical capacity doesn’t have to break the bank or cost you the down payment on your first home. Computan has expertise built from working with hundreds of agencies and marketers on providing the exact support you are looking for.

Our Services


Front-end HubSpot Development

Have mockups, but need development?  Computan’s team can code your designs into clean and modular HubSpot templates.  All of your templates will represent your designs and coded using re-usable custom modules or HubSpot’s drag and drop template builder.  Our front-end team can bring your designs to reality.  

Front-end HubSpot Development website-light Front-end HubSpot Development

HubSpot Integrations

Computan is one of a few pure development shops in the HubSpot Partner community that does back-end HubSpot development and custom integrations.  No using connectors, no using Scribe or Zapier which is what most Partners do (even the so-called ‘Elite’ ones).  Those are nice ways to handle integrations when you don’t know how to code.  Our team will code custom integrations using HubSpot’s Serverless Functions or a third-party application to integrate your internal tools with HubSpot.  In simple terms, we’ll do it right. 

HubSpot Integrations hubspot-light HubSpot Integrations


Seems like everything is bought online these days.  Navigating the wild, wild west of ecommerce platforms, options and needs can be daunting.  Computan can help you figure out what ecommerce platform works best for you based on your unique needs and then help you get online and selling in a jiff.  

Ecommerce ecommerce-light Ecommerce

Full-Stack WordPress Development

WordPress is the biggest website platform in the world.  You need a partner who understands how WordPress works and the best way to use it.  Computan is ranked by Clutch as one of the top WordPress development firms in North America.  Get access to our team that knows how to build plugins, themes and pages from design files as well as dynamic, custom WordPress backends that even a kid could use.   

Full-Stack WordPress Development wordpress-light Full-Stack WordPress Development


Shopify is one of the hottest web and ecommerce platforms on the planet.  If you’ve got a business online or clients using Shopify then you know how ‘interesting’ it is to find development help on the platform.  Look no further.  The team at Computan can help get apps integrated and customized, build apps from scratch or build and customize Shopify themes from a design file.   

Shopify app-light Shopify

Custom App and Games Development

Need something unique coded? Maybe a 3D virtual tour, mobile app, interactive game or web app? You can lean on Computan’s team of custom programmers to handle.  Our team of backend and front-end developers can build feature rich applications to address any sort of unique requirement.  You provide custom lead generation…sometimes that requires custom solutions.  Let’s talk. 

Custom App and Games Development support-light Custom App and Games Development

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