Hi everyone! Sajeel here. Thanks for checking out our careers page.   So, you’re on our Careers Page which means you are looking for a job, or maybe you wanted to go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and clicked here by accident and are still reading. Which is a telltale sign of a great copywriter, but anyway look who’s talking (or writing).

We’re really thrilled you’d even consider working for us our checking out our Careers Page. We have been in business for 35+ years before we even had one. Anyway, this is a relationship right? You need to know, troll and stalk us a bit before you apply (as you should). Here’s what we’d encourage you to do before you give us the chance to review your resume.

Computan Team
  • You should talk to current or former employees of ours. Here’s our Team Page. Google anyone’s name, message them on LinkedIn. Hear what they think.
  • Stalk us. Find out everything there is to know about us. If you apply here and get a job you’re going to spend lot of time with us. Make sure you figure out as much about us as possible. Do your homework.
  • Computan is always looking for honest, overlooked and under-represented overachievers to join their team. Is that you? If so please, please, please show us that and reach out! If you apply the answer might be yes, but if you don’t the answer will always be no.

Ultimately, you’re a great person and have a lot to offer the world. Thanks for reading this far. Below are our current openings. If you really want to work here but don’t see an opening for you we’re really flattered and just send your details to I get all of those emails and I’ll do my best to help you in any way I can. Regardless of if that’s here or elsewhere.

Open Positions