Computan Computer Networks Ltd. (dba Computan) takes your privacy seriously. We will respect it and watch over it. Information we may collect from you across our website or other sites that we may own or operate is only collected when it’s really necessary. Like for sales or marketing purposes or if to deliver you something you’ve requested from us. Your information is collected in fair and straightforward ways and should always be with you knowing it. You should also be clear why it’s being collected and the ways we’re using it. If you aren’t sure why we are collecting it please contact us.

Rest assured, we only keep info for as long as needed to provide you with services you requested. You can also request us to remove your info whenever you need it. We use generally accepted methods to protect loss, theft, access, copying or modifying as well.

Nothing personally identifying that you give us would be shared publicly or knowingly with any third parties without your expressed written consent unless when required to by law.

Content on our site, sites we own or operate are not within our control. We have no control over their content or the practices of these sites or their officers. Conclusively we aren’t responsible or liable for their policies.

As mentioned above, if you want us to remove the storing of your personal information please contact us and we will do so. When that happens you might be unable to access some of your desired services…specifically services that we need to have personal information from you to deliver to you.

Unsubscribing is simple. Click on the unsubscribe link in the footer/bottom of any electronic mail communication you get from us. You’ll be able to manage what you want, when you want it.

Using our website means you accept these policies regarding your personal information. We’re glad you do. Questions, comments, kudos or criticisms can be given simply by contacting us

This policy is effective as of January 1 2021.