Meet the Computan Team Great at their job? You decide. Super models? You decide.

  • Bratislav-Brankovic

    Bratislav Brankovic

    Project Manager - HubSpot

    HubSpot Project Manager, nuclear physicist, non game-player.

  • Haseeb-Ilyas

    Haseeb Ilyas

    Project Manager - Security & WordPress

    Project Manager and security expert. Night owl. Hasn't seen the sun in 183 straight days.

  • Kassem

    Mohamed Kassem

    Project Manager - WordPress & Devops

    Project Manager, technical guru, allergy to webcams.

  • Rashed-Alee

    Rashed Alee

    Project Manager - HubSpot Integrations

    HubSpot Integrations Project Manager, expert at software architecture and documentation. Loves parrots.

  • Habibullah

    Habib Ullah

    Project Manager - Backend Integrations & Ecommerce

    Integration and ecommerce project, electrician, plumber, cook, romance novel writer.

  • HH

    Hassan Hashmi

    WordPress Team Lead

    WordPress team lead, star cricket player, stays fit by smoking regularly.

  • thumb-Clipboard - August 24, 2022 3_10 PM

    Huzaifa Ahmad

    HubSpot Integrations Team Lead

    HubSpot Integrations team lead, cricketer, solver of very large problems. Distributor of very few words.

  • Ahmad-Ali-1

    Ahmad Ali

    Creative Director

    Creative director, motorbike trekker, cat lover. Also allergic to cats.

  • Nasir

    Muhammad Nasir

    Director of Development

    Director of Development, .NET guru, loves his garden.

  • Aamir Aslam

    M Aamir Aslam

    Hubspot Team Lead

    Front-end HubSpot Development team lead, clients love him, developers want to be him. 

  • M.Suleman-1

    Muhammad Suleman

    HubSpot Team Lead

    HubSpot Development team lead, loves fixing bugs, smoother and cooler than an ice cream cone.

  • Nadeem Ahmad

    Nadeem Ahmed

    Shopify Team Lead

    Shopify team lead, father of angels, poetry fan.

  • sajid

    Sajid Ali

    HubSpot Team Lead

    Front-end HubSpot Development team lead, cricket captain, email template wizard.

  • Sohail_khan

    Sohail Khan

    Backend Development Team Lead

    Backend Development Team Lead. Biking enthusiast, serious at work, humorous outside of it.

  • Zeeshan Ahmad

    Zeeshan Ahmad

    HubSpot Integrations Team Lead

    HubSpot integrations expert, team lead, loves mountains and afraid of heights.

  • Zeeshan 2

    Zeeshan Ibrar

    HubSpot Team Lead

    HubSpot development team lead, star athlete, weekend warrior.

  • Asif Mahmood

    Asif Mahmood

    Team Lead - Quality Control

    Head of QC, big family man, finds more bugs than an exterminator.

  • fran-sidney[75]

    Francisco Orúe Ugarte

    Sales Manager

    Customer Success Manager, voice impersonator, parties on his own or in a group.

  • AK-256

    Aamir Zahid Khan

    Frontend WordPress Developer

    Frontend WordPress developer, fun-loving guy, professional bathroom singer.

  • abdul majeed

    Abdul Majid

    Backend Developer

    Backend developer, fan of HubSpot integrations, as fast on the bike as he is in coding.

  • pic (1)

    Abdul Rehman

    Backend Developer

    Backend developer, loves to laugh, hates errors in code.

  • IMG-20180802-WA0018_1 (1)

    Adeel Haider

    Shopify Developer

    Shopify developer, artist, loves long walks talking to himself.

  • ahmad

    Ahmad Hassan

    FrontEnd Developer

    Expert front-end developer, hates the sun, loves the camera.

  • Ahtasham.png

    Ahtasham Ul Haq

    Front End Developer

    HubSpot Developer, speed-optimization expert, rides tractors.

  • Ahmar Akram.png

    Ahmar Akram

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    QC Engineer, problem finder, problem solver, QC version of Batman.

  • amitic

    Aleksandar Mitic

    HubSpot Developer

    Frontend Developer, professional English teacher, Linux fan and retro tech hoarder.

  • Clipboard - August 23, 2022 9_02 PM (1) (1)

    Anas Nawaz

    Laravel Developer

    HubSpot Integration developer. Specializes in Laravel and folk dancing.

  • portrait (1)

    Asim Arif

    Frontend WordPress Developer

    WordPress developer. Late night coder, early morning guitarist and girl-dad.

  • asim iqbal

    Asim Iqbal

    HubSpot Developer

    Expert HubSpot Developer, family man, professional DOTA 2 player.

  • Chinasa-Agu

    Chinasa Agu Kalu

    NodeJS and React JS Developer

    Lives in Nigeria, studied electrical engineering in addition to web development, professional secret keeper.

  • Farhan.png

    Farhan Ali Arshad

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    QC Engineer, deal hunter, unofficially the nicest person on the planet.

  • fareed-dar

    Fareed Daar

    Frontend WordPress Developer

    WordPress developer, lover of food, photographer, lover of food, socialite and loves food.

  • medium (1)

    Gill Bates

    Web Developer and Director of Podcasts

    Web developer, Podcast host, mountain-climber and biking enthusiast.  Just kidding he's a sock.

  • 20220806_135438

    Hafiz Muhammad Nadeem

    HubSpot Developer

    HubSpot Frontend Developer, religious scholar, deep thinker.

  • 58749228_2119424071498905_5682481791215075328_n(1) (2)

    Hamad Rahim Baluch

    Shopify Developer

    Shopify developer, son of teachers, loves the beach and his motorcyle.

  • durrani-pic

    Hassan Durrani

    Frontend WordPress Developer

    Frontend WordPres Developer, expert dancer, never late.

  • 89788cc90080a49dcc04a56a780d1fcb

    Hassan Raza

    Backend Developer

    All-round front-end and back-end developer, all-rounder in cricket.

  • harain

    Huzaifa Arain

    Backend Developer

    Backend Developer in love with coding. Crazy, madly, deeply in love with coding.

  • imran (1)

    Imran Majeed

    HubSpot Developer

    HubSpot Frontend Developer, proud husband and father, drives cars and people crazy.

  • jeremiah amir (2) (1)

    Jeremiah Amir

    Front End Developer

    HubSpot developer, songwriter, guitarist, singer, owner of the team's best hair. Qualities not listed in order of..

  • Clipboard - August 19, 2022 12_32 PM (1)

    Joacim Nicolaysen

    Customer Support Specialist

    Customer support specialist, plays guitar, from Norway but lives in Argentina.  That's not a typo.

  • 1651592149588

    Bushra Mannal

    QC Engineer

    QC Engineer, social media guru, finder of things that need fixing.

  • Nadia.png

    Nadia Saleem

    Director - Human Resources

    HR Director, event planner, practical joker, psychiatrist, believer in shop therapy.

  • kiran

    Kiran Khan (Kin'no)

    QC Engineer

    QC Engineer, people connector, weekend adventurer.

  • My project (1)

    Laraib Mushtaq

    Marketing Specialist

    Creative Marketer, Multitasker, Chocolate lover

  • m-m

    Mazhar Mehdi

    HubSpot Developer

    HubSpot developer. Fan of Spiderman. Laughs at himself and other people.

  • Minhaj

    Minhaj Shamim

    Finance Manager

    Finance manager, loves numbers, proud holder of unpopular opinions.

  • My project (2)

    Muhammad Awais Abbas

    HubSpot Developer

    HubSpot Frontend Developer, poker player, slices designs like pieces of pie.

  • Muhammad Awais

    Muhammad Awais

    Marketing Manager

    HubSpot Marketer, CRM manager, traveller extraordinare.

  • faisal

    Muhammad Faisal

    Backend Developer

    Backend developer, HubSpot integration expert, loves helping other people.

  • Faran (1)

    Muhammad Faran

    Backend Developer

    HubSpot Integration developer, big coder. Bigger talker.

  • M usman

    Muhammad Usman

    React Native Developer

    Mobile app developer and news watcher. Codes to make the world a better place.

  • M Umar

    Muhammad Umar

    Shopify Developer

    Shopify development guru, home repair expert, YouTube alumni.

  • uzair

    Muhammad Uzair


    HubSpot developer, spiritual leader, loves to hit, hates to run.

  • Untitled-1-Recovered

    Maisum Abbas

    Python Developer

    Python developer, Pro-listener, Love to watch tv series.

  • Snapchat-301622989

    Nabeel Zafar


    Graphic designer, proud Pakistani, helps his dad with his print shop.

  • Business-Profile-Picture (1)

    Nicolás Milanowski

    Operations Manager

    Operations manager, world history buff, only person on the planet who's favorite Oasis brother is Liam.

  • Untitled-1

    Osman Khalid

    FrontEnd Developer

    WordPress FrontEnd  Developer. liberal, Spend my own money on me


  • SajeelQureshi-300x300

    Sajeel Qureshi

    VP Operations

    Leader of the team, collector of weird socks, strange obsession with food and film analogies.

  • Sajjad Ali

    Sajjad Khan

    Frontend WordPress Developer

    Front-end WordPress developer, certified cool guy, Batman stole the 'Dark Knight' nickname from him.

  • Simranjeet

    Simranjeet Singh

    Content Writer

    Full-time writer and filmmaker. Envy of all of his friends. Second best writer on the team. Second.

  • 23f6de0bfb7dc276eba256a7401712b4140538d58521abe962acf09a4418bc01

    Shaharyar Ramzan

    HubSpot Developer

    HubSpot Frontend Developer, loves movies. Even ones his wife likes.

  • imgn (1)

    Sohaib Ali (SA)

    Frontend JS Developer

    Front-end developer, sleeps like a bullfrog, laughs in awkward conversations.

  • Syed Musa Nasir

    Syed Musa Nasir

    Shopify Developer

    Shopify Developer, nature lover, loves Batman and takes care of his mom.

  • IMG-20210915-WA0093 (1)

    Syed Touqeer Haider

    Front end Developer Intern

    Frontend intern, much-needed young legs for the company cricket team.

  • tameem_256x256

    Tameem Shahzad

    HubSpot Integration Developer

    HubSpot integration developer, laravel guru, professional meme poster.

  • 3 (1)

    Hassan Ahmed

    Human Resources Generalist

    Like chess, love to talk about international affairs or world geography

  • Touseef Ahmad_256x256

    Touseef Ahmed

    WordPress Developer

    WordPress developer, his morning starts at 8 PM.

  • usman_mukhtar (1)

    Usman Mukhtar

    Frontend Developer

    Frontend developer, helps the poor, loves exotic cold drinks.

  • Usman-Akhtar

    Usman Akhtar

    WordPress Developer

    Jolly personality, Punctual, Good at making new friends

  • 90fa95ac17c7c0fe69645a8291196d031113873d26b5a203899d9e868c6dbd3f

    Umair Khan

    Frontend WordPress Developer

    WordPress developer. Works hard, works late. Talks with code.

  • Waseem.png

    Waseem Ali

    Front End Developer

    HubSpot developer, cricket fanatic, plays games of all kinds for money.

  • Waqas (1)

    Waqas Hussain

    Frontend WordPress Developer

    Frontend WordPress guru. Can hang out with friends on weekends an solve the world's problems.

  • IMG_0013

    Waqas Khokhar

    Mobile App Developer

    Mobile app developer, chef in the kitchen and also a chef in React Native.

  • zahid

    Zahid Mehmood

    FrontEnd Developer

    HubSpot developer, referee of all sporting events, has an amazing t-shirt collection.

  • Zark Muckerberg - QC Engineer Headshot 9-2-22_Sajeel Qureshi

    Zark Muckerberg

    QC Engineer

    QC Engineer.  Judges  code, websites, apps, and feet.  Loves walks on the beach. Colorful character (not a compliment). 

  • Zubair-Gohar-256x256

    Zubair Gohar

    Hubspot Developer

    HubSpot developer, Pet lover, Straightforward, Managing things in a good way in life 

  • asad ur rehman

    Asad Ur Rehman

    Data Analyst

    Quick Learner, Good at work management skills, Bird lover

  • IMG_6493-(2) (1)

    Oluwakayode Adegbuyi

    DevOps Engineer

    DevOps, Playing chess, prefer to watching a movie at home

  • My pic 2 (2)

    Muhammad Asif

    Network Engineer

    Networking skill, Spending money on shopping. Love to capture memories. 

  • IMG_173811 (1) (2)

    Muhammad Waseem

    Junior .Net Developer

    passionate about work, Proud of being a Boy. good at problem-solving,

  • Dominic-Adeiza

    Dominic Adeiza

    Sales Representative

    Love to travel & talk, Likes singing while shower  Cristiano Ronaldo biggest Fan

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