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Hopefully, you’re having a great day. But let’s be honest, it’s probably not the best day ever. Otherwise, why would you, a marketing all-star, be sitting there reading a dev company’s poor excuse for website copy looking for dev help because you’ve got this website or web page to build, integration to do, stuff to design, or some other off-the-wall thing to get done and you need help. Or, you might know what you need, but your usual dev help isn’t available…, or this new thing you’ve got going on is out of their wheelhouse. That’s right. We wrote wheelhouse… on our homepage… before any sort of keyword. That’s how you know we’re real developers and not a marketer or marketing agency that does dev work. Anyway, the truth is, we’re glad an all-star marketer like you with some big fires to put out is here seeing if we can help. Because coding landing pages, websites, apps, integrations, eCommerce, and games for marketing all-stars like you is why we get up at 5 AM and eat fiber-rich cereal every morning.

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Maybe you have an existing website or several websites that need managing. Computan will help you code new pages, build microsites, or entirely new websites designed on Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, or any other design file.  Then, we'll put it through our own internal testing and send over to you for a review afterwards.  Happy to help in whatever CMS you are comfortable with.  You know how every developer says they'll get it done on-time and on-budget? We won't say that...we know that every design and every marketer has different standards for how they want things done.  We can assure you that we'll work extremely hard to get it right and get better at your unique flow as we get more opportunities to work together.  Front-end development is our favorite F word (well at least top 3). 

Websites website-light Websites


Let’s be honest…some HubSpot shops say they help HubSpot users and Partners, but in fact, might be other marketers too.  So, in effect they are your competitor disguising themselves as your partner.  Ah! The humanity! The irony!  HubSpot’s a great community but should Nike get Adidas to make their shoes for them? If you’re a HubSpot Solutions Partner or HubSpot user then you’re in the right place. Computan can help you code your templates, websites, and website pages. You can also come to us to get integrations done and be sure that data is getting to and from the places in HubSpot that it needs to go. We also don’t sell marketing services and will private-label for you. Really. We can’t spell inbuond retainer (you know you caught that).

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Shopify or Magento? What about WooCommerce or BigCommerce? Is OsCommerce still a thing? Picking the right ecommerce platform, understanding the differences and implementing the right one properly is big.  If you’ve got eCommerce sites to manage you know they aren’t *just* websites.  They are powered by living and breathing communities with new updates, security rollouts, huge extension and app marketplaces and more. You've also got to think about selling in different channels, how the store needs to connect to different shipping brokers and tons of other things to help your clients win big in a digital world. You need a dev partner who’s as serious about business on the web as you are. Whether it’s building new pages, integrating tools, or building apps and extensions for your store we’ve got you covered like a sale on Cyber Monday.

eCommerce ecommerce-light eCommerce


If you love WordPress and build sites in it then you know you need a steady hand to steer the ship. You also know building WordPress sites is easy, but building them with the right bones is not. Work with Computan and you’ll get access to a team that can help build entire sites from scratch with fully manageable backends, build or customize plugins, and code custom pages with the most reliable page builders so they are easy to manage. All optimized for speed and no hard coding. WordPress is our favorite machine in the gym.

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App Dev

Sometimes, your marketing tactics need unique, interactive experiences to grow the interest of the audience and revenue. App development can really help to set your business apart and engage your customers and prospects in a unique environment. Partner with Computan and you get access to a team that can handle integrations, build custom applications, and support your existing in-flight work.

App Dev app-light App Dev

Game Development

Don’t be the marketer selling phonebooks in a digital world. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and interactive gaming are more than just buzz words. You might have clients or ideas that would lend itself to virtual tours or interactive experiences when plain old ebooks and content just won’t do. Computan can help make sure you are ahead of the curve and building the next generation of content offers that your prospects and clients want to see.

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Our Aces

When you work with us, you get a team serious about getting you to win and pushing through complicated projects. You'll be getting a team that works with hundreds of marketers and is consistently ranked as one of the best WordPress, HubSpot, and Shopify dev shops in North America by third-party companies that rank dev shops. Even then, you have a right to be skeptical. That's why you should read our reviews online for yourself from other partners of ours and see what they think. No stock photo headshots from people you don't know, no fake news. You will see straight reviews from people who have used our services.

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Our Faults

Isn't it comical when people just post headshots of people saying good things about them on their website? It is to us. This is a relationship after all, and nobody's perfect (Chuck Norris and that guy with the hammer from the Avengers aside).

Think about it, when starting a relationship with someone, wouldn't you tell them about the good and the bad upfront instead of them hearing about it from the grapevine on their own? With that in mind, you should know about situations where things could have gone better in our business life and how we've learned from them to help you better.

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