Our Expertise

On the Fast Track to Building Tomorrow’s Applications Today.

Computan development and support staff has strong and in depth expertise in the leading and cutting edge technologies offered by Microsoft, Oracle and Linux. While the core development is done on a Microsoft platform, our staff takes pride in being versatile and received professional certification with Oracle and Open Source.

We avoid third party tools and work in the “core” cutting edge technologies. This allows us to have complete control over the code of web application and its functionality. Our key development members have been fully trained in Visual Studio .NET, the only development environment built from the ground up for XML Web services. Our developers can use Visual Studio .NET to:

  • Build the next-generation Internet.
  • Create powerful applications fast and effectively.
  • Span any platform or device.

By allowing applications to share data over the Internet, XML Web services enable developers to assemble applications from new and existing code; regardless of platform, programming language, or object model.

With the expertise in the new Web Forms Designer in Visual Basic .NET, our developers can apply the skills they have today to build true thin-client web-based applications. Drag-and-drop Web Form creation delivers “Visual Basic for the Web” while code behind forms enables developers to replace limited scripting capabilities of the past with the full power and speed of the compiled Visual Basic .NET language. New intelligent rendering capabilities and server-side Web Form controls provide web applications that render correctly on any browser running on any platform.
Our in depth expertise in ASP, ASP.NET, VB.Net, XML, Visual C#, Java scripting and SQL has resulted in increased revenues and highly interactive web solutions. These business to business and business to consumer interactive web applications for large sports organizations, major hotel chains, governments etc. – collectively – are used by over 250,000 professionals and consumers on a daily basis.