Adeel Haider

Shopify Developer

What Is Something Interesting About You?

I talk out loud to myself a lot. I sing out loud a lot in public a lot of times. My lips are syncing to a song, or I'm whistling a tune. I get weird looks from people on the street, realize what I'm doing, and stop.

What are some things you are proud of but shouldn’t be?

I am emotional, and my decisions are led by my heart. I'm proud of it! But maybe I shouldn't be :)

What are some things you should be embarrassed about, but aren’t?

Well, it's very complicated, but I really wish to talk with birds and parrots. If I could have any superpower, it would be to speak every language to connect with anyone worldwide.

What are you really good at?

Maintaining my patience.

What are you trying to improve at?

Understanding and improving my weak spots.

What are some other things the Internet should know about you?

I am always ready for a trip and an outing. I love walking! :)

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