Syed Musa Nasir

Shopify Developer

What Is Something Interesting About You?

I have different personalities. I'm serious to some people, but to people, I'm familiar with, I am amusing. That makes me a hard person for many to judge!

What are some things you are proud of but shouldn’t be?

I can only cook french fries. But when I do, the shape of my french fries is perfect. Totally perfect.

What are some things you should be embarrassed about, but aren’t?

I am afraid of heights.

What are you really good at?

I am a good communicator and speak extremely politely, even with strangers.

What are you trying to improve at?

My cooking skills.

What are some other things the Internet should know about you?

I am very fond of traveling! Especially Northern Pakistan and the Himalayan regions. I love the peacefulness and clean air.

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