Waqas Khokhar

Mobile App Development

What Is Something Interesting About You?

I can cook but can't dance, play computer games, or empathize with other people's problems when they are talking to me.

What are some things you are proud of but shouldn’t be?

I'm bad at following instruction manuals and tutorials. I learn best by doing!

What are some things you should be embarrassed about, but aren’t?

Sometimes I talk in my sleep, and the weirdest thing is nobody can understand what I'm saying.

What are you really good at?

I am really good at giving motivational speeches!

What are you trying to improve at?

I am improving my coding skills and being an overall better human being.

What are some other things the Internet should know about you?

I am quite laid back. I approach every relationship with as much simplicity and humility. That helps you in any relationship.

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