Waseem Ali

Front End Developer

What Is Something Interesting About You?

The hobby that I could never give up on is cricket. I am so passionate about cricket that I can see myself playing until my body gives up.

What are some things you are proud of but shouldn’t be?

Sometimes, I wear headphones with no music just because I don't feel like talking to anyone :)

What are some things you should be embarrassed about, but aren’t?

Getting someone else's money in any competition :)

What are you really good at?

I am really good at problem-solving, time management, and honoring my commitments.

What are you trying to improve at?

I want to leave my comfort zone and learn more professional skills. I believe real growth comes with hard work and sweat. Being too comfortable doesn't help us grow and stagnates us. There are a lot of things I want to improve upon!

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