Zeeshan Ahmad

HubSpot Integrations Team Lead

What Is Something Interesting About You?

I love Urdu poetry and I used to write Urdu poetry a lot in my University days.

What are some things you are proud of but shouldn’t be?

I am an extremely casual dresser. I don't feel comfortable wearing fancy suits or formal clothing.

What are some things you should be embarrassed about, but aren’t?

I don't shave my beard for weeks, dislike socializing, and am pleased to spend time alone and alone.

What are you really good at?

Software Architecture and error-free development. I do my best to be extremely careful with my coding.

What are you trying to improve at?

My management skills and being a better leader.

What are some other things the Internet should know about you?

I really love classical music and wish I could play instruments! Especially the rubab, sitar, and violin.

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