Our Approach

Computan’s globally recognized approaches to IT management follows industry-standards and best practices in all areas. Each of Computan’s projects travel through 5 major phases:


Computan will review the challenges set forth by each organization. This involves a high-level understanding of what the organization wants to do, their current setup and perception of how Computan can help them.


Computan will outline several action steps for the organization once a full understanding of the organization’s goal and services required by Computan is attained. This diagnosis is a high-level overview of the services Computan can provide to help the organization reach its maximum potential.

Requirements Gathering

Computan will formulate a complete document outlining in great detail the blueprints to verify the organization goals are met. The specifications document is only moved to delivery once approved by the organization and their full confidence in the blueprint is gained.


Computan now begins the physical deployment of the tasks outlined in the assessment and requirements gathering phase. Our staff collaborates with the organization on all activities required to ensure the project exceeds their expectations in every way possible.


Once all deliverables have been met the project moves from the delivery phase to the support phase. This involves monitoring and collaborating with the client to ensure that new organizational goals are communicated and Computan promptly offers methods to improve the organization. If no support agreement is required then the project is closed off when full confidence and satisfaction of the organization is met.


Tuning Phase