Hello Off-roaders, Rescue Driver 4x4 is sending on a mission to rescue the hikers stuck in the hills– should you choose to accept it?

Rescue Driver 4x4 is the newest free off-road driving game that offers off-roading excitement and the satisfaction of rescuing the stuck hikers. Explore different hilltops and drive your SUV through the narrow passages and steep heights in the game. Rescue Driver 4x4 allows you to do rock climbing in an SUV – isn’t that interesting.

Score points on each level, unlock different missions and SUVs as you progress in this SUV simulator driving game.

Missions in Rescue Driver 4x4 Off-road Game

In each mission, you get new hill paths as challenges to rescue the stuck hikers. You can’t go fast as there are sharp turns where your 4x4 SUV could topple. And, if you go slowly, then you might lose the hiker. So, you have to maintain the balance of speed and direction to complete the mission successfully.

How to Play Rescue Driver 4x4 Off-road Game

  • • You are assigned a 4x4 vehicle in the beginning, along with a rescue mission.
  • • Complete the mission to earn points and unlock more 4x4 vehicles that have more power.
  • • The mission involves picking the stuck hikers from their location and taking them to the boat safely on time. On your way, you come across several sharp corners and somewhat vertical climbs that test the true power of your vehicle.
  • • To drive the SUV, you have the acceleration, brake, handbrake, and steering controls on your screen. GPS arrows appear on the screen to assist you in finding the right path.
  • • If your SUV topples down, you have to start again.
  • • To become the best rescue driver 4x4, you need to save as many hikers as possible.

This free off-road driving game becomes challenging and exciting with each level. Its scenic beauty offers a unique pleasure experience.

Play this 4x4 SUV simulator driving game today and enjoy the ride on the hilltop while doing the good deed of rescuing hikers. Are you a good 4x4 SUV driver? Let’s find out in the game.

Rescue Driver 4x4 is available for free, download today!