The Computan developer's day starts with digital standups since they are spread over continents. Team members in different time zones log in to be in sync and start their official working days. Timesheet and Freedcamp are two project management tools we regularly use to manage projects. Apart from it, we also use the ones that our clients prefer sometimes. Developers check their email and tickets assigned to them. After a short meeting, they begin their work and update their work status so that every team member and their respective Project Managers can be informed about it.

The tools and platforms might differ, but this is a standard for our HubSpot developers, Shopify developers, WordPress developers, and integration experts. Even thousands of miles apart, the team is connected through, Zoom, WhatsApp, Outlook. Since their work requires collaborative efforts between the front-end and backend so no compromise with communication channels, a quick zoom call of 2-3 minutes resolves the queries, and they are good to proceed.

Computan Project Managers are always present to respond to clients and communicate back and forth with team members and clients to ensure their project is heading in the right direction.

What kind of developers does Computan hire?

Since we offer a wide array of services that covers eCommerce development, Shopify development, HubSpot development, HubSpot integrations, and custom app development, we hire developers for multiple domains. "Computan hires talented individuals who are enthusiastic and have the desire to expand their skills with the company. We put talent and skills over the amount of experience." Says Nadia Saleem, HR Manager at Computan.

So, if you possess the skills required for the roles mentioned above but are not an experienced candidate, you need not worry. We value your talent and skills over your experience. So, do not hesitate to apply when you see a job opening from Computan. Stay connected to Computan's LinkedIn to see the latest news from the company.

What is the hiring process like at Computan?

Computan's HR team begins the hunt by posting job openings on LinkedIn and other hiring platforms and calling for references, among other things. The right candidate can come from anywhere, so they open all doors for candidates.

When the first connection is initiated from either side, the candidate's CV is considered, and the HRM does a brief profiling for further rounds.

Nadia Saleem, HR Manager at Computan, highlights the steps in the hiring process.

"The candidates in the initial screening are interviewed for the following points

  • Communication skills - English
  • Skillset (Varies with every position)
  • Capability of deliverance
  • Attitude, Responsibility, Curiosity

The ones selected move forward to attempt real-world problems test (A special test prepared for every position by an expert/professional in that field)

All the candidates who successfully clear the test will have a final interview with the Project Manager, Sajeel Qureshi, VP of Operations at Computan (if required).

Finally, one candidate is selected from the panel if he/she manages to clear the interview rounds. A background check is conducted, and we put the final 'HIRED' stamp on the resume."

This does sound like a process that every development agency follows. They might have a stricter or lenient one than ours, but every development agency's goal is the same. Hire a skilled workforce that can work well in your corporate environment, and you can rely on them for the client's work for which they are hired.

What is the experience of developers at Computan?

Be it Computan or any other HubSpot development agency, developers love working around the HubSpot platform. Shaharyar Ramzan, HubSpot developer at Computan says, "HubSpot CMS saves a developer's lot of time because it allows you to save sections while editing or creating new pages. You can create templates, modules, and sections with default/necessary data so users can create pages within seconds by using and reusing the elements repeatedly."

The idea behind HubSpot being low to n code is to equip everyone in the team to do minor changes on the go. You don't need a developer to make small changes. Marketers can create landing pages and email templates by drag-and-drop option easily.

If it is so easy, that means there isn't much for the developers to do, right? Wrong? All the low- no code support is for the primary/basic tasks. To add the required functionality to the website, you do need the developer's help. And some things are still quite time-consuming to do in HubSpot. Shaharyar feels that we can't handle form submissions, we don't have a default search for blogs, we don't have parent-child categories while creating a blog post, we can't create a shopping cart, and we can't create a login system while using HubSpot." All these options are not so easy to use in HubSpot compared to other CMS such as WordPress.

Ghilman Khurshid, a HubSpot integration developer at Computan, loves data flow automation in integration projects. But, he feels that "in some cases taking permissions from tools to access data takes up most of the project's time."

If I don't know HubSpot, Shopify, or some specific technology, can I still get a development job at Computan?

The answer to this question comes straight from Computan's HR Manager, Nadia Saleem, "It depends on what kind of work is required for the position and if it's something to be learned as time passes."

If you want a philosophical/motivational answer, then Asim Iqbal, HubSpot developer at Computan, has something to say to you. He started the HubSpot developer's role with limited knowledge of HubSpot. "When I started development in HubSpot, I could not find the best solution regarding the development. I used to get stuck on critical issues and take help from my senior developers. That's how I started to learn."

So, you see that we have developers in our team who were not experts in any technology in their initial days. But, now, they are like, "I started to learn HubSpot day by day and now I am good at HubSpot development and still learning because the learning never stops."

You can be an integration expert where you have to do zero to minimal coding. And our integration experts are hard workers too. Zubair Gohar, a front-end developer at Computan, would second that, "The thing I like the most about our HubSpot front-end developers and integration developers is that they are very focused and efficient in their work every time."

So, would you like to be part of Computan's Development Community?