If you are running a website on WordPress, the notification plugin might save you from leaving your potential customers, website visitors behind. The quick and easy Notification Bar helps you keep visitors informed as it has great attention-grabbing capability. 


Here’s the list of announcement bar plugins that are available for WordPress

Apex Notification Bar


  • Pre-designed read to use templates 
  • Multiple Notification Bar Positions and Styles, and Components 
  • Contact form integration options
  • Multisite compatibility and responsive
  • Premium version available with more options

Explore Apex Notification Bar Lite 

HashBar Notification Bar 


  • Compatible with King Composer, WPBakery Page Builder, and Elementor Page Builder 
  • Option for Scheduling Notifications for a specific time 
  • Option to create unlimited Notification bars 
  • Show Notification on Specific URLs 

Explore more about HashBar WP Notification Bar 

Announcement Bar Notification Bar


  • Great Customization and Positioning Options 
  • Display it Anywhere 
  • Option to add more content with ‘more’ tag and drop down 
  • Easy Setup and installation 

Buy Announcement Bar Notification Bar

Top Bar Notification Bar


  • Option to set time before the Top Bar appears 
  • Bottom border 
  • Bottom positioning 
  • User visibility settings 

Explore the Top Bar in Detail

Easy Notification Bar 


  • Easy installation and setup 
  • Good customization options for color, background, and text 
  • Callout Button (Optional) 
  • Responsive 
  • No cookies or JavaScript required 

Explore Easy Notification Bar in Detail

Hello Bar Notification Bar 


  • Show the right message at the right time to your visitors 
  • Offers Exit-Intent Popup 
  • Targeting visitors through 200+ parameters 
  • Google SEO & GDPR Compliant 
  • Allows A/B testing 

Explore HelloBar Notification Bar in Detail


WPFront Notification Bar


  • This processes shortcodes 
  • Position it anywhere and you can even make it sticky 
  • An optional button that can execute a JavaScript or open a URL 
  • Auto-close option and reopen button 
  • Set the start and end date of the notification 

Explore WPFront Notification Bar in Detail 

Installing a WordPress Notification Bar (WPFront Notification Bar in this example)

Go to ‘plugins’ in the left menu bar of your WordPress Dashboard. Type the name of the notification bar plugin in the space given. Install it from there by clicking on 'Install Now.'


adding notification bar in wordpress


Once installed, go to your installed 'Plugins' section (in the left menu bar), find your newly installed plugin and 'activate' it. 


adding notification bar in wordpress

Once activated, go to ‘Settings’ in the left menu and click on the ‘Notification Bar’ option.


adding notification bar in wordpress

Fill up the details such as the color of the bar, where and when you want to show it, the text you want to display, add buttons, and other options. 


adding notification bar in wordpress


adding notification bar in wordpress

Once you fill all the details as per your preference, tick the ‘Enable’ box to upload the notification bar on your WordPress website. 


adding notification bar in wordpress


Here's how it looks when it is live




We understand that some of you might be facing difficulty in finding the right developer for adding an announcement bar to the WordPress website. Contact Computan to add the top bar to WordPress or choose the right options for the bar. Feel free to reach out.