Whoever claims that pictures are only for children’s books got it all wrong. It’s human nature to be inclined to being visual listeners, and that never changes (even if the kids’ menu at restaurants may always be better). Studies show that internet users always linger on images rather than reading text, resulting in a dramatic increase in the inclusion of images for all sorts of marketing purposes. In fact, people are 65% more inclined to remember information three days later, when it is paired with images (according to Social Media Examiner’s report). 55% B2B marketers now prioritise images as their marketing strategy.
The question is… why? The answer is obvious. We take around a trillions pictures a year worldwide, so we’re really into the age of mages called images. Content is more likely to stick if it’s got images or other media tied to it. HubSpot users have already subscribed to the Inbound Methodology to generate interest for their brand. Getting, eye-catching image galleries in your portal should be an easy thing and a must-do for anyone using any version of HubSpot.  Generally, our brains find images more memorable and eye-catching, so it’s out of the question you won’t priorities enhancing your website, using pictures that portray who you are and represent your business (instead of those standard, “professional” images of happy employees in 80’s attire on old phones with fake smiles). Secondly, it lets people know that there are real people behind the scenes, not an automated, impersonal, far-fetched service that can’t be trusted.
There are numerous ways to increase the traffic and appeal to your website, once you learn how to add images to your HubSpot gallery. This could include removing or adding images to your blog templates, replacing old ones, or even changing those “minute” looking, but important settings like the sequence, timing and transition of images, if you want. These efforts could be combined with marketing campaigns in HubSpot that might not have focused on it much, previously. A good digital brochure and e-guides are also compulsory these days. Although the main objective is to always have a good landing page, images in articles also add value to them and shouldn’t be overlooked.
Here’s our complete, step-by-step video tutorial on how to add images to your HubSpot gallery to enhance it to its full potential:
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