HubSpot's new partner system has a few problems that partners face. We covered that in one of our previous blogs, "The Problems with HubSpot Partner System"

Come know about HubSpot Elites
It's gonna be a tough pill to swallow
I suggest you take your seats

HubSpot partners have a score to beat
to feat in the Elite
Score includes the total number of customers they serve
and their sale receipts

You can serve customers all your life
but still won't get the badge
You have to sell the subscriptions too
and that's the catch

Make friends with HubSpot Sales reps
who recommend your agency to the client on all steps

This way, you get more clients.
And beat the competition to become HubSpot Elite giants.

  Tier Points Needed Sold Points Managed Points Has the Partner Earned Elite Status?
Elite Status Requirements 5950  1950 1700  
Partner A's Points 6000 1800 4200


Partner needs 150 Sold Points more.

Partner B's Points 6000 3000 3000


Partner B meets all the requirements.


Take a Close Look at the Above Table

Partner A is not qualified to even after having 150 Sold points. It does not qualify because it does not meet the minimum criteria for Sold Points.

Partner B is qualified because it meets the minimum threshold of Sold Points, Managed Points, and Total Points.

Sold Points: Earned by selling to new or existing customers

Managed Points: Earned by servicing existing customers

Partner A serviced more existing customers and has more experience in giving clients the desired results, but still didn't qualify to become an Elite HubSpot Partner.

Partner B services fewer customers, so their experience is less than that of Partner, but because Partner B has sold more and meets the minimum requirements, it gets the Elite Partner Status.

What does this tell you?

Seeing an Elite Partner badge doesn't always mean that a HubSpot agency has more experience than a Diamond of a Platinum partner. It means that the said agency has managed to provide service and sold the minimum number of memberships to get the Elite badge.

There could be situations where you will find a HubSpot Diamond Partner or a HubSpot Gold Partner giving you better services because they focused more on giving services to customers rather than selling the memberships.

Does this make the HubSpot Elite Partners look bad?

Absolutely not! The elite partner served their customers, sold the memberships, and did all it took to earn that badge. Every agency in the lower tiers would want to climb up to become an Elite Partner one day. I am saying that Elite Partner/badge does not guarantee that the said agency has given services to more clients than the agencies in the lower tier. The Gold or Platinum HubSpot partner might have served more clients. They didn't get the Elite badge because they did not focus on Sold Points, which is understandable.

Elite partners might not know well enough about the development side of HubSpot. So, when it comes to managing the product, they do not know how to handle it. They like to sell it and sell a lot.

They might know one thing very well, only one part of the product. But an agency that has more Managed points knows all about HubSpot because it focused more on managing the product and not on selling it more, or they might knot have friends in the HubSpot sales rep team.

How can one organization rise through the partner tiers so fast while others toil in the lower tiers for years?

Sajeel Qureshi, VP of Operations, Comptuan, says, "HubSpot Elite partners are excellent salespeople, and because of this, they sell more memberships. They might have some friends in HubSpot sales rep teams who constantly supply them with new leads to sell the platform."