Usman Arshad PSD

Meet Usman! He’s a Junior WordPress Developer on the Computan team who loves to build and learn things in HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP.  In this installment of Behind The Coding, Usman talks about the challenges of doing a lot of work in a short time, why he listens to sad songs, and how his first meeting with a laptop ended in tragedy…for the laptop!

Hi Usman! What are the last 3 things you Googled? 

Hi Sajeel. I was on YouTube for a while before your call. 

What were you Googling and YouTubing? 

Sad songs 

Do you like sad songs? 

Yes, quite a lot! 

Why do you like sad songs?  

For no reason, really.  I listen to them just for fun.   

You listen to sad songs for fun? 


Hahaha! Ok.  When was the last time you worked after hours to solve a hard problem? 

A week or two ago. I was doing page building.  

Page building doesn’t seem hard 

It was because the deadline was tight, and there were a lot of small bugs to fix in a short time.  Sometimes, at work, it’s not that the task is hard, but getting the task done in the client’s timeline is hard.   

That is very true, Usman. Who are 3 people you'd like to have dinner (dawaat) with at the same time and why 

I would eat with my family My 2 sisters and brother.    

What would you guys eat? 

We would eat pizza! Restaurant doesn’t matter….as long as it’s pizza.  

Hahaha! When was the last time you cried tears of laughter? 

I can’t remember a time when I cried tears of laughter, but I can remember a time when I cried tears of happiness.

Ok, when was that? 

I was in Grade 10. I got really good marks on my papers. I was really happy because in Grade 9 I didn’t do very well. I was really happy that I was able to have great marks after doing so poorly the year before. 

What do you love about coding? 

PHP and JS. I love solving problems and want to continue advancing my skills in PHP and JS. 

Nice Usman! When was the first time you saw a laptop/computer? 

I was 11 or 12 years old when my dad brought a laptop home. 

What did you do with it? 

I broke it. 

You broke it!? How?  

I bent It back on its hinges. They kept calling it a notebook…so I kept trying to make it function like a notebook.  

Oh wow! What is something your teammates don't know about you? 

My face is innocent but I’m really quite mischievous.   

You mean we shouldn’t judge the ‘Book of Usman by it’s cover? 

Definitely not!