Blackbaud is a cloud software solution provider for nonprofit, social good organizations, foundations, corporations, education institutions, healthcare institutions, and the individual change agents who support them. Their solutions cover software, services, data intelligence, and expertise that connect and empower people to drive impact for the social good.

What is Blackbaud School, and what is it used for?

Blackbaud School is management software to drive success. High-impact K-12 schools around the world use Blackbaud. K-12 is notation given to schools that are publically supported for primary and secondary education.

Blackbaud School management software is focused on driving digital transformation in K-12 schools by connecting teachers, parents, and students to drive accountability, achievement, and safety. All this helps the K-12 schools in their mission to prepare the students for lifelong success.

The Cloud Solution by Blackbaud takes care of education management, marketing and engagement, fundraising and relationship management, financial management, payment services, and analytics.

  • It gives parents a great experience
  • Day-to-Day school management operations are easily managed
  • Builds a firm tech stack foundation for the School for future support as well
  • Improves results as teachers have better education and communication tools
  • Detailed insights of school performance that help you make optimal decisions on strategies for educating students in a better way. 

What data gets put in HubSpot from Blackbaud?

As you can assume from the education structure that Blackbaud caters to, the data that is collected and stored in the CRM for further nurturing is students’ names, email addresses, roles, academic data such as their performances year by year, subjects, their attendance, interests and so on.

On the parent’s end, you have the occupation of the parents, demographics of the family, the pay slab, and so on.

On School’s end, you have accounting and finances, fee submission, and events, among others.

All this data need to be transferred to HubSpot, where marketers would use it further.

It was also made sure while syncing each data field that there was no duplicate data entry.

Sohail Khan, Project team lead, and Ghilman Khurshid, Software Engineer, Computan worked on the HubSpot Blackbaud integration project and created a middleware using PHP Laravel. “Firstly, we migrated the required data fields and their relationships with each other to HubSpot. Their relation with each other was important to know and save to make good use of the available data. Then we added a cronjob to migrate newly created or updated data to HubSpot.” Ghilman Khurshid, Software Engineer, Computan.

HubSpot Blackbaud integration is not available as a native integration. You can either use the connectors such as Pipedream, but it has standard settings that may or may not support your unique integration requirements. And then, there is custom integration, where you have endless opportunities to meet your business process requirements.

Why Integrate HubSpot with Blackbaud?

Blackbaud is a good CRM in its own way. It does the job for its targeted audience and delivers what they expect from the software. It has features such as customer management, fundraising management, email marketing, donor management, and much more. Now, these are business-specific features that K-12 schools require.

We can say that integration between the two software, in any case, is needed to use the best option available for the specific task or function we require. The same is the case here. Blackbaud may be a good option for all business-specific tasks, but when it comes to email marketing, lead management, lead nurturing, and contact management, HubSpot is better. That’s why clients need to transfer the data from Blackbaud to HubSpot.

  • Leads are better nurtured using HubSpot’s features and options
  • HubSpot gives strategic options to delight the present customers and retains them for a long.
  • Customer lifecycle or journey is well crafted and tracked in HubSpot.
  • More integration options in HubSpot to ease the marketing work.

It is a wise decision to integrate your Blackbaud with HubSpot. One is good for your business-specific processes, and the other gives you an upper hand in digital marketing.

Talking about integrations, Computan is open to integration projects. So, if you want your favorite tool to get integrated with your other favorite tool, drop us a message. We are happy to help.

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