COVID-19 has affected the businesses the most that run solely in the physical space such as dentists, physiotherapists, sports academies, real estate agents, among others. Without physical interaction, it is hard for these service sectors and businesses to survive.


It is the right time to leverage the digital space to keep generating business. Digital marketers around the world have a chip on their shoulders now to keep their clients in business during the lockdown.

How Can Marketers Help Their Clients Get Business During Lockdown 

Solutions for Dentists and Physiotherapists For the Lockdown

As the walk-ins have come down to zero, digitization of the process must be introduced. 

Start online appointment booking for a diagnostic session or a client meeting. Online diagnosis improves communication and patient care.


Calendly is a good option to choose as it integrates with your email as well.  it is a free online appoint scheduling software. You can embed it on your website and email, integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud and Office 365. Dentists can even collect payments for the consultations. 


Roboform, EDQ are some of the online forms solutions that can smoothen things up as forms help the dentists and physiotherapists understand the patients and their medical history. Having patients fill the form sitting at home is a huge plus point for them as well as the medical professionals. 


Contact Us page on your website is your go-to solution if you want to lock down meetings and appointments. If your website is on WordPress, plugins such as WP Simple Booking CalendarSuperSaaSBirchPress SchedulerBookly, and Pinpoint Booking System PRO can save your day. 

Solutions for Sports Academies For the Lockdown 

COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of many sports events including the 2020 Olympics, but major league players have their workout schedule figured out. Sports academies should come up to take care of the budding sports stars training with them.


Yondo is a great solution to implement if you want something quick and easy. Yondo has a special category for fitness websites where you can upload and publish workout videos. If you already have a website, you can embed the code on your current website as well. It gives three options to deliver your fitness courses; On-demand video library, live 1-on-1 sessions and webinars and group classes. 


LearnCube is another virtual classroom you can use to get all your students ready for the class at the same time. It is great to host an in-home workout or practice session online at the right time. You can interact with all the students at the same time. 

The same can be used by Yoga instructors, dance tutors, martial artists, and Chefs. 

Solutions for Educational Institutes For the Lockdown 

1-to-1 video chat is possible and effective between a doctor and the patient. This is not effective in a professor-students setup.


THINKIFIC is the solution you need because the yearly study material is divided into a syllabus. THINKIFIC offers you to upload the study material chapter wise. It is easier for the teachers to set daily learning tasks for the students. 


Learnwords allows you to create your online school website that works on every device. It’s good for private teaching institutes of all sizes as the customization options help in branding as well. 


Wiziq simplified online teaching and training with live teaching and self-controlled pace of the courses. Offers features like course builder, tests and assessments, reports and analytics, LMS eCommerce as well for payment gateways. 


Personal eLearning module can help you in the longer run. Have a basic structure of the course online for the students during the lockdown. That can be done quicker with the help of a good development team that has experience in building eLearning modules. 


Later, when the things turn normal, you can invest more in building a feature-rich course to be future-proof as one cannot be sure what hits the world next. 

Solutions for Adventure Sports Organizers For the Lockdown 

Adventure sports organizers, especially those who are focused on summer adventure games will face a hit this season nobody knows when this lockdown will end and will there be any crowded events soon or not. 


Shifting to virtual events is a reliable alternate the marketers in this industry can consider. 


Take help from the billion-dollar industry – Gaming. 


Here’s how you should utilize it 

  • Sponsor an online adventure sports game and host it on your website with your branding. 
  • Promote it through the entire social media circle to your target audience. 
  • Pitch that the winners of the virtual adventure games will get a discount in their next sporting event. 
  • Collaborate with the AR/VR content creators to connect with the audience having AR/VR headsets. 

Unity allows you to create, operate, and monetize the games for mobile, console, PC, AR/VR headsets. Unity has the most resilient and scalable game servers for hosting. So, for your quick and easy to implement game on your website, Unity is a dependable option. 


GameSalad is a competitor to Unity. With no-code game building features, you can build a game within hours on GameSalad


With all the technologically advanced solutions to put on the website, the webmasters have to check the hosting and bandwidth of the website. Your website must be ready to take loads of traffic and function seamlessly with heavy features. So, rope in the best developers to accomplish the tasks and keep your business up and running even in the downtime.