When people talk about digital marketing plans, some small businesses used to take a step back. It’s a common misconception that if you are a small business, you won’t have chance to develop a good plan because you “don’t have enough money”.

Today we bring you a 5 steps-list on how to create a digital marketing plan for your small business and -of course- apply it successfully.


1) Analyze your current situation

It’s time to look deep into your product or service, find out how customers would work with it, how is the economical situation for your business area, what are your growth’s possibilities and in what place your competitors are. Make sure your company offers something, which makes it stand out from the rest.

2) Strategy, strategy, strategy…

Figuring out the strategy for your company won't be so difficult If you already completed step one. Focus on the objectives your business has when you are creating the strategy,  This is the time to define who is your target audience, how you can approach them and how long you can be in the market with this business strategy.

3) Optimize your channels

In this step you will define what channels to use and how to reach your target audience. Currently you have a lot of options, but understand that you don’t need to use all of them. Choose only the channels that fit perfectly –or better than others– in your business purposes. Consider in your options: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Mobile SEM, Search Engine Optimization-, use of social networks, email marketing etc

4) Update your website…

Small businesses should have a website with its own domain and interesting, dynamic and updated content. It’s so important to offer quality content, no matter if it is a video, a blog post or third party content. This way you will improve traffic and your opportunities to reach your target audience. Oh, and remember to have responsive design as most Internet browsing now happens on mobile phones.

5)  Measure, evaluate and reorganize

As soon as your digital marketing plan is running, take some time to measure the results (ROI, traffic, sales) and evaluate how it's going according to your business’s purpose. The results will determine whether you continue along that way or if you need to relaunch your strategy.  

Start on your own for sure....but don't take too much time to find professional help from trusted contractors or a digital marketing agency.  Remember to forecast that in your budget as well!


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