Hiring an agency seems like a simple thing do.  Giving your money away usually is.  Right? Well, you'll be shocked when you notice the different options and prices for the same set of deliverables.  One agency says a website rebuild will cost $500 and the other says $50,000. So what's the secret? Our panel of anonymous Dallas marketing experts working in various marketing agencies throughout the city have emailed us the most important factors Dallas businesses need to consider when you hire an agency: 


Expertise on Staff 

No agency is an expert at everything (even though many agencies call themselves 'full-service' agencies).   Being an expert in everything usually means you are jack of all trades and kind of a master at none of them.  Marketing and Digital marketing are huge and complex worlds.  Marketing agencies may be good at overall strategy and coming up with ideas to help generate you business opportunities, but the cost to implement those ideas and come up with them may be way out of budget (these are usually the $50,000 website guys). On the flip-side, digital marketing agencies in Dallas may be able to just build you a website on the cheap, but then that website may not be the conversion-generating digital marketing platform you are looking for (these are the $500 website guys).  Asking the right questions and having a clear conversion path in mind for your marketing campaigns (offline or online) before talking with any marketing agency is a good start.  Then you can look at expertise-related rquestions down the line.  


Customers results and review

The best way to know if an agency can deliver is to check if they’ve shown results in the past for other businesses in your industry! Picking up the phone and calling a few of their previous clients is always a good option, and an agency with nothing to hide will be glad to give you their contacts! Look for agencies that have experience in your industry.  If you have your own in-house marketing department it may be good to become the best customer of a small boutique agency as well.  You know small agencies are nimble and quick to get things done and their is nothing better than having the owner of a business take ownership of helping you solve problems.  Plus, that personal touch for a healthy retainer can't be beat. Just because the agency is small doesn't mean they can't move the ball down field for you.  


Quality of Work

The marketing and digital marketing processes are often very detail-oriented so you need people with a good eye to make sure everything goes the way it’s supposed to. Quality relies on the type of strategies and content an agency creates to promote your business so don’t take it for granted!


Looking for a Dallas marketing agency

You can also use these simple steps to find the right marketing partner  Before you start looking for agencies you should get a blueprint or define exactly what you expect an agency to do.  If you're not sure what kind of marketing support you need exactly take advantage of our technical needs assessment. We'll evaluate your website and strategy to identify gaps where we can help you grow.

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