The decision to hire an agency is a truly important one for companies to make. Digital marketing has become the most affective form of the advertising, and without a reputable agency, companies will likely have a challenging time staying afloat! It’s a hard world, and you know it! 

So that's why we've asked our Dallas marketing experts to explain how to do it properly!


Hiring the right Dallas Digital Marketing Agency 

In the moment that you hire an agency, you have to ask yourself what services a reputable Digital Marketing agency should provide and what services your business requires. You may want the agency to provide social media management, SEO services, campaign management or you may want that firm to have a Dallas wordpress developer on staff.  Let’s face it: if you run a website and want to do well, you need to utilize multiple outlets and experts to do so! Fortunately, a well-run digital marketing agency will sit down with you and explain how you are doing with regular updates, that should be a must have when you are interviewing different agencies.

Being said, we think that hiring a new agency is an investment of time and resources. So we developed the information below to help you in an effective hiring process.


Why hire a digital marketing agency?

First of all let’s discuss why you should hire and agency in the first place! Creativity it’s absolutely mandatory these days, and agencies offer a fresh perspective and can give clients insight into specific customers, products and business. They also provide expertise and support to the business. When you hire a digital marketing agency they will start by identifying your needs and compare that to the competition. Doing this gives a prospective agency insight into the company’s goals. Some things that should appear are a summary of desired work and objectives including expectations and considerations, details on budget, and possible timelines.


Researching digital marketing or web development agencies in Dallas

Then there are a few ways to research potential agencies. You might network inside your organization or research trade publications or you may use Google. When you identify a potential candidate, you should have an initial phone interview with the agency to discuss your project and the agency’s capabilities. As you conduct this interview, consider the following questions: What experience do you have in the industry?  How many clients do you take on at one time? What forms of digital marketing do you use?  Do you have sample work that you can show me? Why do you think your digital marketing agency will be able to help our business? And others, these questions will provide the information you need to know.

Evaluate the agencies proposals, and then hire them! There is no rush take your time seeing and evaluating the options!

Start your research with us, Computan. We offer a variety of marketing related services to Dallas businesses. Whether that be web development support or digital marketing strategy implementation. We are HubSpot, Wordpress, eCommerce and PPC Management experts amoung many other specialties. Take advantage of our free quote below!

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