Your mobile website is so important to your online success, don't let these common mobile website mistakes hurt your opportunity to drive leads and sales online.


Mistake 1: You have a Pop Up Conversion Strategy

Pop ups are a great tool to collect visitor information and encourage conversion, however what works well on desktop doesn’t necessarily translate to mobile. On mobile, pop ups are all consuming and they actually lower conversion rates significantly on mobile. This is because they are hard to close and they throw a wrench into the buyer's process, you don’t want to distract from any potential sales. Perhaps more importantly, Google is said to be in the process of updating their search algorithm to punish mobile websites with pop ups.


Mistake 2: Your Content Hierarchy is Off

The best responsive websites have been designed with a very strategic placement of content. The goal for mobile content hierarchy should be to put what visitors want first and to make it easy for users to buy and navigate. To learn more about how to place content strategically in responsive design click here.


Mistake 3: Your forms aren’t responsive

Filling in forms on your mobile device can feel like a serious task, in fact filling out forms is one of the biggest mobile conversion challenges. If your form is not mobile friendly, users will find it hard to type and could run into problems like cursor jumping or rogue submissions.

According to retail data, you are already at a disadvantage on mobile (for example, revenue per visit is lower). In order to facilitate online sales and conversion opportunities it is essential that your forms work.


Mistake 4: Users are unable to zoom

Your website shouldn’t need to be pinched or zoomed in on mobile, in fact for a website to be considered responsive it cannot need zooming. That said, web users are used to zooming in on things like photos because of popular social platforms like Instagram, it is a functionality that people look to automatically.

You also need to consider your font size on mobile, if you font is too tiny your visitors won’t stay. A general rule of thumb is to ensure paragraph font size is 14px.


Mistake 5: Your website loads slowly

A slow website is an issue across all devices. You are probably well aware of what happens to website traffic when the site is slow to load, it drops off within seconds.

If your website is slow to load you should get in touch with your web developer immediately. They can run a number of tests to help improve your website.


These mistakes on your mobile website are totally avoidable. The best way to make a responsive website is to start the process with a responsive web design services company. Developers and designers who put mobile first, are well versed in the ins and outs of mobile UX/UI and development. This means that you are giving your website the opportunity to be it's best self.

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