You’ve just started your business, you have more than an idea, you have a product or service that can truly help your potential clients and customers. You are most likely a bootstrapped startup, so how do you get the most out of your startup marketing plan to truly drive the growth of your business?

You do what you have been doing all along, you get creative.


Create content

In the inbound marketing world, it is well known that content is king. Content drives lead conversion, it entices potential clients and paints your brand story. How do you make sure your marketing competes with all of the other product on the market? You have to be committed, committed to creating high quality content and committed in posting, adjusting and experimenting with that content

Tips for using content:

  • When creating content focus on value. Create content that is valuable, useable and knowledge-filled. Always keep in mind how your customer can benefit from the content you create.
  • Optimize your web pages for SEO and apply a conversion strategy
  • Leverage your resources to share your content. Think LinkedIn groups, emails to industry connections, bloggers who review, industry forums
  • Engage on social
  • Check out what your competitors are doing and do it better

Pay Per Click and Social Advertising

Startups who are SEO focused but also ready to invest some of their marketing dollars in pay per click and social advertising will see traffic and brand awareness growth immediately. We suggest you ensure that you apply a SEO strategy to your website and then leverage that strategy with your social spend. The idea is when the social spend runs out, your website will be strong enough organically to drive the traffic it did with the social spend. Pay per click experts can work with any budget to find a strategy that will push your growth. Facebook in particular is becoming a platform where you need and want to spend advertising dollars. The targeting is phenomenal and it comes at a budget that will far from break the bank. Click here to learn more about how ppc management experts can foster growth for your startup.


Cost-sensitive Digital Partnership  

Bootstrapped or not, you probably wish that you could hand some of your digital efforts over to someone else. An expert who can help you do it right the first time, that can help foster your growth and take some of the pressure off. Outsourcing web development work or marketing services does not have to mean spending all of your marketing budget. Many digital development agencies have creative plans that are directly tailored to startups. Take a look at what we offer for example, a monthly package that hourly works out to less than what it would cost to hire internally.

The true benefit to a cost-sensitive digital partnership is the advice it allows you. Digital recommendations that come from seasoned experts, who specialize in helping businesses grow. Less pressure to produce and more guidance to get your digital marketing on track. 


In our free ebook, "Elements of A Startup Marketing Plan" we outline a succession strategy for startups to follow and help bootstrappers find more resources. Download the free resource below.

Startup marketing plan to launch your business