This is one of the most common questions the Computan team hears from the clients along with “What Does it Cost to Build a HubSpot Website?” 

We have covered the above question in another blog "How Much Does it Cost To Build a HubSpot Website?"

Let’s discuss the other one here. 

The time it takes to code a HubSpot website vary greatly from template to template. HubSpot offers templates for home pages, inner pages, blog pages, emails, and landing pages. So, which template do you want your HubSpot developers to work on?

The cost and time to code the template dependon how heavy, functionality-wise, that page is. And, each page type has a different approach. 

HubSpot Website Home Page Template

The home page is the most crucial as it is the cover page of your business/company in the digital space.  It contains snippets of all the inner pages such as services, portfolio, case studies, testimonials, contact information and everything else. From images to one-liners to short paragraphs, each section on the page has a different goal and different functionality which requires custom coding. This functionality heavy page takes up most of the time.

Inner Pages

Inner pages of a HubSpot website are quite similar in design. Usually, these can pull in global modules from the homepage. Generally, they take 1/3rd of the time of the homepage. 

Services/Products Pages

All the products/services pages have similar designs. These contain images, texts and sometimes videos. Service pages can double as pillar pages and usually have their own templates. Nowadays, service pages are running long and contain lots of detail. You should budget 8-12 hours for a good service page.   

Contact Page

This mostly contains a form for the user to fill and other contact information. Usually they are simple pages pulling in global modules from the homepage and take 2-3 hours at max. 


This page showcases your past work. It has to be beautiful. Each entry on this page may open another page with more details about that particular entry.  These usually follow their own template outside of an inner page template. There also might be a corresponding CTA design to drive people to these pages. 6-8 hours of development should get you a serviceable HubSpot portfolio page. 


This page lists pricing and packages highlighting the best one you want your audience to pick. This page may lead to the next window or purchase or add to cart page. There might be custom modules here for the price charts and things of that nature. Or, perhaps even a calculator for people to see savings. We’ve done pricing pages that have taken 15-20 hours to do and others that took 1-2 hours to do. 

Case Studies

This is an advancement of the portfolio page. Case Studies page lists the detailed account of how you approached in a project, which issues you resolved and what outcome did you achieve. A few website owners allow the users to fill the form to download the case studies. This adds to more features on the page. Like the Portfolio page these will have their own template and usually their own associated modules.  6-10 hours. 

Resources Page

Marketers use resource pages to gate good content and generate leads. Things like infographics, datasheets, articles and news sections are all good examples of premium content offers. Each content type listed under the resource page will have a separate page with specific content listed on it. A resource page usually requires a listing page and a landing page template to go along with the offer itself. A resource listing page could run between 4 and 14 hours.  If resources need to be filtered and sorted, then that can add time.  

Landing Pages 

Landing pages help you convert your website visitors into potential leads. Service-based companies have permanent landing pages where they place a service-specific form, details of the services, and a CTA button. However, there are also campaign-based landing pages. Companies design it for the time till the campaign is live.

If your website is still in the ideation stage, you can consult our HubSpot web designers to design the web page and you can tell us the functionalities you want on that page. Have a design file ready so we can tell you the cost to code that in the HubSpot template. There will be less guesswork and more firm and structural way to give you the cost estimation. The HubSpot Marketplace is a great place to find free landing page templates that you can use right away.  Those will take you 20-30 minutes to setup.  A HubSpot landing page template from scratch can take up to 8-10 hours.

Notes about HubSpot Web Pages 

HubSpot web pages have modules for each section on the page. Some of them are default modules such as rich text modules and number modules. There are places where we can place these default modules. But they don’t work everywhere. 

Dropdown section, hover functionality in a section, image-flipping features, etc. are all doable, but they require custom modules and custom coding.  The customization really does give it the uniqueness though. 

What is the better option? Taking a HubSpot template from the marketplace and customizing or coding from scratch? 

It really depends. For landing pages, it might be easier to grab free templates from the market place. They serve a specific function and don’t need to be totally unique to drive conversions. The offer will drive the conversions so you can get away with a pre-built template. However, for your home page and the rest of the site, you might want to go with a custom template build that you can make your own and have modules setup the way you want them. 

What are some shortcuts the cost-conscious marketer can take to save money on a HubSpot template?

Keep the design simple and use standard elements that will be easy to code. Simplicity and standard might not give the website the POP it needs. If you’re cost conscious then the coding and design isn’t going to get you the pop.  It will have to be the content – videos, podcasts, website copy and text.  You’ll have to believe the content can sell the site when the design and functionality isn’t able to. 

For more queries on the coding timeline for your HubSpot website, get in touch. We are just a message away.

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