Your web presence can be your biggest sales driver, and this is certainly the case for an ecommerce based business, the cost to get started can be overwhelming.

This is why when clients ask us, is Shopify good, is it a cost-friendly option for my business? We say yes. Shopify is a platform that checks all the boxes needed to set up and grow an online business and most importantly is easy to use.

The cost of a Shopify website is really based on your needs. It could be as simple as the monthly fee and your own labour or it could be more robust with development, theme purchase and a monthly fee.


How much does a Shopify website cost?
That depends on the following.


The base Shopify fees

Every business will need to pay a base fee for Shopify based on their tiered needs plus a transaction fee (for external payment gateways). Pricing for Shopify is tiered on three levels, Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify.

Basic - $29 + transaction fees

Shopify - $79 + transaction fees

Advanced Shopify - $299 + transaction fees


Shopify template cost

To build your own Shopify store, you’ll need a template. To save on cost and time you can purchase a template from the marketplace or you can have one designed and development.

The price of Shopify templates in the marketplace range from $0 to $150 and beyond. You choose how much your pay (a one time payment). There are hundreds of template options and most are designed with a conversion strategy and really are ready to be the blueprint for your online home.



The Shopify extras you may want or need

Once you have a template you need to transform it, into your own brand. Shopify is designed to be easy and does not require any coding knowledge on a basic level. If you want to tweak your theme or build in some custom elements, you will need to look at sourcing a Shopify developer to do so.

Populating Shopify can take time, you’ll need to decide if that’s something you want to do yourself or whether you want to pay a web/marketing agency to do so. They do this for a number of reasons. They may want an optimized website, they may need a POS integration or they may need help creating functionality.

Apps are another cost you need to consider. Though many Apps are free on Shopify, many are not and are billed on a monthly cycle. If you want to have a “Shop my Instagram” feed, prepare to pay for that. If you don’t use a popular Shipping method be prepared to pay for an App to work around your shipping needs. It's best to shop it App store before you decide to go with Shopify.


A Shopify website will cost you what you allow it to. You can do it yourself and save money or you can reach out to an expert to help you build your online presence. Want to learn more about using Shopify, click here. Not sure Shopify is the best choice for your business? Use the infographic below to learn more about other ecommerce options.

choosing an ecommerce platform