Landing pages are conversion driving web pages, that your business needs to utilize to survive and thrive in the digital marketing game. Your landing pages may be used for many different things, to connect your social ads, to present a premium offer, to attract visitors to a free demo. It's true use, is it's ability to collect traffic and spur action from that traffic.

Choosing the right type of landing page for your offer can make a difference to your bottom line.


Looking at your offer and determining the action

One of the best things about landing pages is that they can be easily built to target a specific audience segment, just like the content and premium offers you're creating. When you understand the action you need your targeted audience segment to take and what kind of traffic source they are ideally coming from, you can easily identify what type of landing page you need.


When your running social campaigns

You're likely running many Facebook social campaigns for your business or your clients. They're effective and cost sensitive, but where is the traffic from your social ads landing and is the page that they are landing on doing its job? There are a number of things your social pages should do, convert leads, be consistent branding with the ads, have a uniform call to action purpose and minimize navigation to internal sources only. If you're running social ads the more tailored to the campaign the landing page is the more successful you will be.


When your launching a new product or service

Use a launching soon page, to announce your new product or service, create buzz, prompt new leads and stake a place organically. This is a great opportunity to collect emails from people who want front-of-the-line access to your product. For automotive companies, think the announcement of a new car and for real estate developers think first choice location in a new development. When the product does launch, this page can easily be replaced with the new sales page.


When you're presenting a premium offer or free trial/demo

The premium offer is so effective as an inbound marketing tool because it allows you to drive leads and generate sales at the same time. It gives visitors a peek at the advice, services or product you are offering and lets them really buy-in to your experience. Premium content offers serve businesses well as CTA's on sidebars, as social media shares and as a feature on your resources pages.


Choosing a platform to build your landing page

There are many ways in which a landing page can be used to help businesses drive leads and close more sales. It all depends on the campaign you are running, your audience, the offer and the action you want your visitors to take. Landing pages can be designed on many platforms.


How to get your landing page developed

At Computan we help our partner digital marketing agencies and businesses take their landing page design and turn it into a custom template that works for their business and offer. Landing pages start with a great offer but they need great design and development to really bring the overall sell. To take advantage of our outsourced web developers and get your landing page design developed, take advantage of our free quote below. free app development quote