Your business website is your most important sales person. It's a place to make a statement about the quality of your brand and your products or services.

There is a lot more to a website than a good looking surface. There are strategic elements that can be applied to open up your business to world of new leads.

A website starts with the understanding of what your business needs and builds on that with strategy, design and proper development.

The best website developers are those who know how to build a website that is easy to use from the back-end but is also technically perfect to ensure function and to please search engines.

Do thorough research on your vendor

If you are not a technical person signing a contract to have your website built can be scary. You may not know what technical requirements you need, you may not know what to ask for from your website development firm and that is scary.

You should research the different platforms available to you and also the various website design or development firms in your area and beyond. This is important, we'll give you two examples why.

For one, if you want the ability to edit your website from time to time, it's important to know to ask for a content management system and for the ability to be able to edit your own website.

For another, there is value in reading and searching for reviews and taking a look at the firms portfolio. This will tell you a lot about the people you are dealing with and their experience with others.


Know what your buying

Communication is key to every business relationship and second to that should be transparency, especially when it comes to your website. Understanding what your buying and what is included is paramount. You don't want to end up having to pay for more and more add-ons when all is said and done.

For example, do you need a website designed and developed or just developed? Some agencies will do a single package design and development, some will create a template for you in design and then you'll have to find a business website development company to handle the rest.


 For more information including what questions to ask your development firm during your initial meeting click here. Remember, that though stressful this should be a rewarding experience for your business and one that makes you money not costs you.

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