As a marketer it is your job to make sure that your clients have the best possible website. After all, companies approach you to redesign their website because you've done a great job marketing your agency and team as website design masters.

Planning and designing a web page is an important process one that should involve a lead generation and content strategy, a design vision and most importantly a strong project manager.

If your marketing agency can hone in on your ability to produce sales driving websites you'll position yourself for growth in reputation and incoming business.


Website planning - The big picture

Creating the perfect website for your client comes down to your knowledge base. The process of a website redesign should involve answering and asking a lot of questions. While undoubtedly your clients number one and two questions will be how much will this cost me? And when can you deliver my new site? We all know building a great website is so much more than that. Before you begin redesigning the website you need to do research, analyze KPI's and existing analytics and meet with the clients to truly understand their brand.


How to plan a website redesign

You probably already know how to do this, the question is how to you improve the process you already have? It's always a good idea to establish a number of steps in each stage of the process. From what you want to accomplish from the first meeting with your client, to how you conduct market research and from how the design is determined to what happens in development, all these steps are equally as important. The better you are at figuring out how the process should work within your agency the better you will get at driving your website redesign growth goals.

If you want to see what a fine tuned website redesign process looks like, click here to download our free ebook.


Finding the right staff or outsourced partners

Redesigning a website is all about teamwork. The client, marketer, designer and developer all need to put in their fair share of work to make the dream a reality. Everyone needs to work with each other well and be on the same page from a goals perspective. This may mean you need to establish a well-oiled in-house team or it may mean you need to look outside of your agency to find a team that can help you reach your goals. For instance, our company acts as the back-end partner to many marketing agencies. Where they handle the strategy and design, we take the development off their hands. In either situation, there should always be a project manager who can track and manage each moving part.


To plan better website redesign projects you need to pinpoint each step of the process and create a system within each that works for your team. Developing a process that works for your agency and committing to following it is your best plan of attack. That process will evolve as you grow and learn more about your team, but once you find certain aspects that work stick with them. To get more granular and to learn specifically how to optimize your website redesign projects download the Ebook below.

Elements of a website redesign