HubSpot has become a great website software option for marketers and companies that follow the inbound methodology. It's a platform that offers a built-in marketing suite and an easy to use drag and drop, module based builder. It has many other benefits like fully-covered optimization, mobile responsiveness, secure hosting and smart integrations. 

You may wonder, with all of these extras is there such thing as a cheap HubSpot website? To be fair, HubSpot cannot complete with the pricing structures of Wix or Squarespace, but the cost is worth the benefits. If your website is not making your business money is it worth the cost of a build at all?

Though there is cost involved with any HubSpot website, there are ways to reduce the final bill. We'll look at the ways in which you can reduce the cost of a HubSpot website below. 


Use the drag and drop builder to construct templates

HubSpot's drag and drop builder will allow you to create a website on your own. With built-in modules and customization options you can define and structure your design easily. This is an option for very simple websites or landing pages. If you are unfamiliar with CSS, menu structures or design and optimization features then you may find customizing your website difficult. If you have complicated features HubSpot's modules may not be enough to satisfy your design needs. If you're determined to lower costs, you can always have a HubSpot developer complete the customizations of your design once you've built your templates.


Choose a template from the marketplace 

HubSpot's marketplace has a number of great templates designed by various HubSpot development partners that you can customize to your own brand. This option throws out the need for custom built templates and instead is a matter of population which reduces development and design hours. 


Choose a developer who has worked in HubSpot before

If you want to save money on a HubSpot website, you should work with an experience HubSpot developer who has built websites on the platform before. They may have pre-built templates or custom modules in their portfolio that can be repurposed for your sites. At the very least, their familiarity with the software and it's coding structure will allow them to work faster, reducing your total build time.


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