Voyado is not one but many things. Its core being CRM/CDP, Voyado, helps users store customer data and use it to make the marketing campaigns more effective. The company boasts the tagline 'One platform with the power of six.' The six here are actually the features it offers and markets. But there's more in Voyado, a lot more.

If I were to compare Voyado with HubSpot, then I can say that HubSpot is the protein shake juiced-up version of Voyado. HubSpot is everything that Voyado is but at an immensely large scale. You can bring HubSpot's Marketing Hub a little closer to Voyado just for comparison purposes.

Is Voyado different than HubSpot, Salesforce, and other CRMs?

The six features in Voyado are basic in all the major CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or others. So, what's Voyado good for, right? HubSpot, Salesforce, and other CRMs offer way much more than Voyado, and they take care of your business even when it expands or changes business processes. These are tried and tested SaaS products.

Voyado falls in the league of Omnisend, AWeber, Constant Contact, SharpSpring, Act-on, Maropost, Unboxing, Sendinblue, Blueshift, Drip, Pardot, ActiveCampaign, and other small and mediums business CRM solutions. Voyado's sole focus on retail and eCommerce makes it slightly different than its counterparts.

Who is Voyado Ideal for?

Voyado is actually doing a pretty decent job in its service sector. It is focused to build and improve the platform solely for retail customers. The marketing automation and other processes are designed keeping the retail stores in mind.

Unlike other CRMs that offer a plethora of features that some of them you never even use, Voyado has kept the features limited but polishes them for improvements and made them super easy to use.

Voyado is ideal for small and mid-size eCommerce store owners, retailers who want to up their marketing game with minimum spending. Their data collection, email marketing, communication with customers, custom delight/loyalty, predictive marketing, reporting are all covered in Voyado. And, the pricing model of Voyado, i.e., pay per feature, is a steal. It costs you around $0.01 per feature. So, you pay only for the features you use. That's why it is both pocket-friendly and user-friendly.

Voyado's Top Six Features

CDP – Customer Data Platform lets you store your customer data. The customer profiles show you their actions so far, at what stage of the sales cycle they are at, all their purchases, and discounts they used, among other options. Based on this data, you can strategize your next move for the prospect in your next marketing campaign. Where there is so much data involved, you can't leave out the segmentation feature. Luckily, Voyado has a segmentation feature that allows the users to segment the contact based on similarities among the contacts so you can tweak different campaigns for each segmented list.

Insights – Reporting is mandatory for any tool if they want to please the users. Good marketers spend significant time looking at the insights and the reports so they can tweak the changes for better performance of the campaigns. The insights and reports show you what's working and what needs work.

Voyado gives you insights into your customers and their behaviors, communication with them, products, and revenue. You can see your customers' buying patterns, popular products, best sales channels, best marketing channels. Since Voyado focuses on retail, they have tailored the reports to meet the needs of the retail customers.

Marketing Automation – In simple terms, marketing automation makes the tool an important member of your team and makes it work for you even when you are asleep. Voyado offers multiple workflows that you can automate for better productivity.

Sending a reward or gift on a customer's birthday, retargeting campaigns, creating customer journeys for new joiners, an automatic email for the first time customer or post-purchase email, abandoned cart email, there are other scenarios you can automate in Voyado to save time.

Artificial Intelligence – And as we discussed marketing automation, artificial intelligence is exactly what was needed the next. Predictive marketing hints at the next actions the customer can/will take. The prediction is based on past trends. The feature also suggests to you what actions you should take next that have the maximum chances of working. What does this mean? You can have the abandoned cart of customers fill again and make their purchase, and you can have the customer buy from you again and again. You can prevent customers from leaving your store and buy from another. And, there are a lot of ways to do it. A couple of examples are giving a special discount on selected purchases to retain the customers and tweaking the prices for the most sold products and most valued customers. Doing these bits will bring positive changes to your business revenue.

Campaigns – Your contacts are segmented; you know what message to send, now is the time to send that message through emails, SMS, surveys, postal or social medium. Setup email marketing campaigns for your targeted customers in Voyado. Send customized emails to each segmented list. Hide or show the part of the email you want to the customers.

Improve your business-customer communication by A/B testing your messages and other elements in your campaigns. Keep in touch with them through the medium they use the most. Retailers can easily boost their marketing with Voyado Campaigns.

Loyalty – The sixth premium feature in the list is Loyalty. This is quite similar to the Delight stage of HubSpot Inbound methodology. This is the process of keeping your current customers happy, so they come back again and bring a new customer with them as well, you know, word of mouth. They will only speak well of your brand if they felt good and special while making the purchase. If they were treated well, found it easy to shop, and got a decent discount, they would be head over heels.

The major benefit of word-of-mouth marketing, customer loyalty, or customer delight, whatever you say, is that you save the cost and resources to onboard a new client from the start. Rewards, memberships, gamification, Voyado has many tricks under its sleeve to help you increase customer loyalty.

What are some advantages to using Voyado over the other CRMs?

The team at Voyado is so confident and sure of its user-friendliness that it does not offer any kind of training to the users. No in-person training, live online training, or webinars. They do, however, offer a demo in the beginning, which they think is enough for the users to understand the platform. And, if you get stuck anywhere, their customer support is always up to help and support you.

Voyado's advantages are in its features

  • Easy to Use and simplicity of the platform
  • Pocket-friendly Price – $0.01 per feature
  • Six basic marketing features are covered at minimum cost (CDP – Customer Data Platform or CRM – Customer Relationship Management, Insights, Marketing Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Predictions, Campaigns, Loyalty)
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Best for Retail or brand, Omni retail, eCommerce

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