Getting on the phone with people, or taking the discussion offline, is the next logical step for any digital marketing process. Your target customers are already going online to search for problems.  A markter's job is to find those searchers and take them out of the noisy online world and into a quiet one-on-one discussion with you and what you bring to the table.  Taking customers offline and into a phone call is one of the main things marketing managers, marketing departments and marketing agencies struggle with. 

When you're out job-hunting you are the marketer and the product is yourself.  First, you apply online in a noisy world of resume databases, job-boards and anonymous email addresses.  Then, if your lucky, someone will reach out back to you for a phone call. An offline process.  To get to that offline process you need to be creative otherwise you'll be stuck in a noisy crowd forever.

Enter Angela Copeland.  Angela is a career coach and CEO at Copeland Coaching.  She also is the host of the famous Copeland Coaching Podcast.  She speaks to top hiring managers, recruiters, students and job candidates every day on landing their dream jobs. She also knows that to get her clients into those offline conversations they need to be creative, which she shared with us in our call with her. Increase phone traffic with the tips and tricks Angela shared with us and apply them to your marketing strategy.

Angela has also published the widely popular Breaking The Rules & Getting The Job eBook.


Key Takeaways

  • Don't sleep on LinkedIn and reaching out to people there.  Try to lead with value first and nothing beats social selling when taking a conversation offline.  It's not weird. 
  • Be very willing to take risks and being told no.  Look at it this way...if you don't ask the answer is already no.  If you do ask, and the answer is no, then you aren't down at all.  But if the answer is yes then you've improved your opportunity tenfold.
  • 'No' means 'not right now.'  It doesn't mean 'never'
  • Stay in touch with potential customers or companies you want to work with.  Share where you are at and ask how they are doing.  It doesn't matter if they don't answer. As we know, people read their emails.  Successful people, VPs etc are always reaching out to people and they 'get' the process.
  • Marketing yourself and marketing a product or service is a numbers game.  The more you put in, the more you get.
  • Prove your value through volunteering or non-profits if you don't have enough customers or a portfolio
  • When applying for a job or responding to requests for proposals from companies the 'job requirements' is the ideal wishlist.  It's not concrete.
  • Look for speaking engagements people that your target customer or employers are speaking at.  Wait until everything is over, the crowd clears and approach them.  At the very least you are through the front door.

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