Your client has discovered HubSpot, or perhaps you were able to sell your client on the HubSpot COS. For the benefit of their business, you now face the task of moving their current website onto the HubSpot COS. 

HubSpot’s COS (Content Optimization System) offers a fully-integrated, user-friendly and mobily responsive out-of-the-box website solution that your client is lucky enough to take advantage of before their competition does. The real draw to HubSpot is the merging of your website and marketing into one sophisticated system.

Here's what you need to know about client websites and moving from Wordpress to the HubSpot COS.  


Specialty elements on the HubSpot platform

The COS has a very user-friendly template builder helping you develop new templates faster. Smart content is a feature offered by HubSpot that gives you the capability to tailor your content to reach specific audience groups. Target individual visitors with specific messaging and varying context.

The COS is backed by an enterprise-grade Content Delivery Network (CDN) and firewall to ensure your website is consistently fast, available, and secure from potential threats. HubSpot doesn’t just offer you simple website design as it also manages your email campaigns, social media profiles, SEO efforts and more to help boost your strategy after the web design and development is complete.  


Moving the website from Wordpress to HubSpot

Aside from timeliness, moving a website from Wordpress to HubSpot is can be simplified. Your move will require you to scope documents, develop templates, create project timelines and bring on staff to help with the content migration. 

Content Migration
HubSpot has developed a staging environment to help this migration, the environment does not affect your live website or visitors and takes on average 10 business days to complete the process. When migrating to HubSpot’s COS, all of your website content is automatically backed by the speed, security, and up time HubSpot provides.

Design Migration
You will be required to develop templates using HubSpot's drag and drop builder in order to build out the design of your website. We dig into the HubSpot builder here. HubSpot offers you 20 modules to help build out your pages, when these modules don't meet your needs, you can develop custom coded modules to help achieve your design vision. 

Once you have mimicked the design of your clients website into tailored templates you content migration can begin. 


Outsourcing web design to a HubSpot developer  

As you know, on boarding a clients digital efforts to the HubSpot COS takes time. Besides building out the content and functionality of their website in the software, you still need to set-up strategic landing pages, emails, blogs, workflows, lists, SEO etc. HubSpot enables a long list of strategic marketing efforts for your business, this is why you love it.

We often see marketing agencies and departments hand-off the build of their clients HubSpot website, so that they can free up their efforts and focus on strategic marketing. This is well advised. Tweaking your design in HubSpot can be complicated and the process of building out templates is better left to HubSpot development partners. This leaves the content migration (and optimization) up to your team and the development process in the hands of knowledgeable experts.


If you’re looking to switch your website over from another CMS like WordPress, connect with us below and we'll demonstrate how we can help you find relief in the design migration process.

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