Whenever a designer or marketer starts to work with a new developer they will have to work out the kinks of their forthcoming collaboration style in order to find the right fit. In the beginning stages both parties will start to discover how each other communicates, presents deliverables and reacts to timelines.  

To help better navigate your working relationship with your new developer, we’ve put together a list of collaboration tips. These tips are standard practices from a developer's perspective that you the marketer or designer can adopt, we promise it will make your new partnership easier.


Deliver a strategic plan

The best deliverable that you can present to your developer is a solid, organized plan. This comes two-fold, with a wireframe of your website or landing page, and a mockup of your web design that clearly communicated your vision.

Include the following elements in your Photoshop web design

Grid System - Assuming you are designing your website in Photoshop, it is beneficial to your web developer if you use a grid system. The grid system allows your elements to be perfectly aligned and provides your website structure.

Organized folders - Designers can get into the flow of a design, we get it, we’re guilty of it too but for the benefit ofyourself and your developer, take the time to organize your Photoshop document. Folders work best when they are grouped by web page element. Footer elements in the footer folder and main content in the main content area folder.

Imagery and links - Ensure that you include the necessary imagery and links that you will need incorporated into your design. Take in special account specific elements of your design like a hovered navigation or a coloured overlay on a CTA or link.

Design elements - Be aware of certain design elements that won't work on the internet. It's best to stick to web safe fonts and avoid too many shadows and transparencies.  You should also try out your design with more content and less content to see how the design will translate with different page needs. 


Compile revisions

Once the site is delivered from the developer, you and your client may have revisions. It will be the first time that you see your design move from a static state onto the web and some elements may not work the way you thought that they would. Compile all of your well-thought out, specific worded revisions into one organized document or email. We suggest an excel document that breaks down specific issues on specific pages. This way you can track changes and collaborate within the document.

Be patient

Like any new  collaboration, there will be kinks. Be patient as you learn how each other works. Things as small as email styles may be new to you. You can help this along by engaging with your developer to learn how your working style can better match theirs, or ask them how they like to see certain designs delivered. 


Computan provides custom digital solutions for marketing agencies and businesses. Our team of expert app and web developers are equipped to take on any digitial challenge. We are also here to help you learn. Check out our free web designers checklist below. It's meant for designers who use Photoshop to create designs and will help you to prepare your site for development. 

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