Project Summary

A reputed client approached Computan to update their current Shopify eCommerce store theme to Shopify OS 2.0 for increased speed, efficiency, and many other features that come along with Shopify’s new update.

Issues our Client faced

No particular issue was there. It was a regular task of updating and ensuring that everything worked smoothly even after the update. The only issue in any updating task is that some things don’t work as intended after the update is done because there are so many things attached to the portal. There are third-party apps, integrations, payment gateways, and much more. 

Project Requirements

To make the task successful and use all the new exciting features of Shopify OS 2.0,  we divided our project approach into three steps.

  • Upgrading Current theme “Pacific” to OS 2.0
  • Choose a new OS 2.0 compatible theme
  • Reaching to Apps Support Guys for confirmation there will be no issue after upgrading to OS 2.0

The third point is important and needs attention because even when you have a highly technically sound team to do the task, connection with third-party apps is not in their control (if they don’t contact the third party owners first.) That’s why it is crucial to check with every app to confirm that their services will be continued the same way even after the update.

Proposed Solution

Upgrading our current Theme

  • We will upgrade a copy of the current Pacific Theme to the latest version, i.e., compatible with OS 2.0. 
  • We will copy the upgraded version and start adjusting the header, footer, and layout of the store.
  • We will review and work on each template to make sure our custom code is intact and the layout is adjusted accordingly to the LIVE store.
  • We will start importing the custom code to our new Theme files.
  • QC will be started, and after reviewing, we will be on the final step to go live with the new Theme.

Choosing a new OS2.0 Theme

  • We will purchase a new compatible theme and start redesigning the header/footer layout.
  • We will also work on each template/page to adjust the content/layout/style matching with the current live store.

Our Recommendations

Our recommendation is to use the DAWN theme, a clean, free, efficient, and fast theme offered by Shopify; we can see its features on OS 2.0 link. It is fast. We used it in some stores, and its results are very good from a speed perspective. DAWN theme has the feature to load only necessary code/CSS on each template.

We should also consider importing all our custom pages built by Pagefly to OS 2.0 theme-based as those will be created efficiently and hence reduce loading of Pagefly assets/cost. We will make a list of all those pages and ETA for rebuilding them by a new theme builder.

Reaching to Apps Support Guys for OS 2.0 confirmation 

We reached out to Yotpo, Recharge, and other app support teams for confirmation there will be no issue after our above upgrade.

Cost Impact 

We can divide our cost of upgrading into two categories, i.e., 1) Computan and 2) Third-party theme purchase/upgradation service. While if we go with the DAWN theme, then only the development charges are there.


Computan team successfully upgraded the existing Shopify website with a new theme and OS 2.0 making the Shopify store more speedy, feature-rich, and efficient.

Computan Team Members

Habib and Nadeem worked on the project and helped prepared this blog as well.

You can read our detailed blog on Shopify OS 2.0 Features. Click on the image below.