Not every website platform is built the same, especially when it comes to your SEO strategy.

We know that some of the best ecommerce platforms for SEO include the option to customize important features, but what are the worst things you can do?

Just because a builder allows you to make a custom website doesn’t mean it has all of the elements you need to grow your SEO strategy. Learn how to improve the SEO of a website by avoiding website platforms that make the following mistakes.


Putting Design First

If your website builder puts more emphasis on design than it does on the other elements of the page, it’s not focused on your SEO. Great design is a key element of your website, but graphics don’t give you enough content to rank. The platform should place just as much importance on your content as it does on your design.


Lack of Customization

A good website platform allows you to change a variety of SEO elements and customize many different features, include title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, and more. If you don’t have these options you won’t be able to fully optimize for the right long-tail keywords that will boost your search rankings.


Allowing Bad Quality Links

If the website builder you’re using doesn’t allow you to accept or decline backlinks to your website, you could be allowing bad quality links to come through, which can damage your SEO strategy.


Lack of Structured Headlines

Headlines are an important way to increase your SEO strategy by adding more keywords to your blogs and pages. They are also important to the user experience of your website, as headlines help you break up text so it’s easier for your audience to read and digest information. Make sure the website platform you’re using provides you with a variety of headline options and structures (H2, H3, H1, etc).


It’s Not Easy to Add Code

To make your marketing strategy as effective as possible, you will need to be able to add code to the back end of your website. Tools such as Google Analytics, the Facebook pixel, and HubSpot are all added to your website through a code. If your software is too complicated to allow you to add this, it’s not making your strategy easier.


If you’re concerned about your own website platform, consider using outsourced SEO services. Work with a company that can help make sure your site is fully optimized and that all of the tools necessary are available to you.

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