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If you design websites regularly you've likely handled projects that are built on a existing template and projects that were built on their own custom template. When the website requires small customizations, templates can be a great and cost-saving resource but when a website is truly unique it often requires full customization.

The same goes for blogs on HubSpot. 

We love that HubSpot skins a blog for new users and offers a template marketplace for users to improve upon their designs. However, there's something to be said about a blog that is custom built to function seamlessly with your online brand. 

If you are thinking of setting up your blog on HubSpot or want to customize the blog template you already have you may want to consider the following.


You can create your own HubSpot blog template 

Custom blog templates in HubSpot afford businesses a unique design that differs from every other business using HubSpot. They allow you to control your user experience and perfectly tailor your blog to your existing web presence.

When you want to create your own HubSpot blog template, it is possible to make your own using the drag and drop template builder. To learn how to use the design manager and it's modules, we  walk users how to do that here

We suggest approaching this build process with a mockup and then take the time to splice the your photoshopped design into the builders modules. 


Have your blog template built right

Though it is easy to build in the HubSpot's design manager, more complicated customization will need to be built using HubSpot's markup language within their code editor. This will allow your HubSpot developer to insert features and customizations that cannot be accomplished within the built-in modules. 

It's important that you work with a developer that is HubSpot certified, this will ensure that your template and it's functionality is built correctly. A HubSpot developer will also understand how to develop a blog that uses custom modules to accomplish the extra features instead of delivering a hard coded product that is impossible to manipulable.


Use HubSpot blog examples for inspiration

In order to get inspiration for your own custom HubSpot blog template make sure to check out the competition, the HubSpot marketplace and examples of other custom HubSpot blog templates. We also suggest that you look at HubSpot-based examples because they follow the inbound methodology, this ensures that your blog will be built for the attract and convert stages.


Need help building a custom HubSpot blog template or any other type of template? Connect with our HubSpot development team below. 

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