It’s an exciting time to be apart of HubSpot. This software is fueling businesses ability to grow and is helping us to align our sales, marketing and customer goals.

If you’re just starting out with HubSpot you’ll be diving deep into understanding the value of content marketing and blogging. While HubSpot offers an initial skin of your emails, landing pages and blogs to match your branding, you maybe looking for a little bit more from your blog design.

Thankfully, the HubSpot marketplace only continues to grow and has many incredible options to take your HubSpot blog to the next level.

Where to find HubSpot Blog Templates

The best place to start looking is in the HubSpot Marketplace. Many HubSpot development partners have curated templates for download both free and for a price. Once you have downloaded the template you can easily update it to match your own brand standards. As a bonus many of the developers offer support for customization of their templates.

Alternatively, you can have a blog template designed and developed in the HubSpot design manager by a HubSpot COS developer.

Look for a user friendly design

Visually appealing is always a must-have for a blog but you don’t want a template that recreates the entire concept because you might be alienating your users. Concentrate on finding a HubSpot blog template that is both visually appealing and contains great UX/UI.

Look for a template that includes support

You download a great looking template and then what? If you are still unfamiliar with how to operate the HubSpot Design Manager you are going to need the help of a HubSpot developer in order to best customize your design. Look for a HubSpot template provider that is willing to over customization as a part of the download.

Search by Industry

The marketplace has some great segmentation options, including by industry. For example, if you are a travel company it’s likely that a blog tailored to large stunning images will give you the ability to show off your travels or the vacation ideas your company has. Use the industry and purpose segmentation to get more granular.

Deep dive into the templates

With a blog template you need to look at both the blog roll page and the actual blog article page. Envision both with your branding, font and image style. The featured colouring, font and images might not be close to your brand and it all comes back to a seamless integration with your brand and your website. You should also review all the features to see if they meet your needs. Is there room for a CTA? Is there a newsletter sign up request? What about social icons?


Your blog will provide you the opportunity to grow organically and to position your brand as a thought leader within your competitive industry, it needs to look great. If you can't find the blog design you desire within the HubSpot Marketplace it is totally normal to have one designed and developed specifically for your company. Need development support services for HubSpot? Connect with our team below. 

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