Are you a Toronto marketing agency looking to partner with other digital marketing experts or perhaps a web development agency to improve your service offerings and grow your business?

We've reached out to our team of Toronto marketing experts and they've shared their advice on what to look for in a new digital marketing partner. 


Be innovative

Marketing experts make a major contribution to the Canadian economy through the sale of goods and services.  Tech is one of Toronto's emerging markets and a source of job growth.  We spoke with the creative director at one Toronto-based agency and they mentioned that understanding digital and technology is a far bigger premium than someone with a good eye.  So if you're serious about marketing in the GTA you better be serious about things like inbound marketing and ROI for the business or customer you're working for.  


Variety Helps

Toronto is a really diverse city! As such, marketing execs and departments attract people from all walks of life.  Plus it adds to the creative output! When you are looking for an agency to partner with in Toronto try to find one that reflects the makeup of the city.  A group with a diverging range of talents and skills.  Don't just look at some of their gloss websites (probably done by their contractors and not by them anyway).  Go deeper! Look for the old hats or start-up agencies and see which groups sing a song you'd like ot hear.  Then, follow-up with their customers to see how it's going. 



Ask yourself which agency is right for you.  You'll probably get varying degrees on cost and deliverables.  Some of your proposals will be 3 pages and the others 30.  We can't tell you which ones are right, but you should be able to point to a track record of some sort that shows the agency can do everything they say they can.  Be careful about using agencies that rely heavily on outside contractors.  They may not have the scalability to handle larger jobs or address a project that doesn't have fixed variables.  Or, they have priced the project too high to forecast the scope of work changing and allocating extra contractor time.


Finally, partnering up with an digital development agency should be a process that allows you to focus on your main business efforts! Getting your name out there and getting you leads!

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