If you're a marketer you've no doubt heard the term inbound before. It's a movement, a philosophy started by marketing leaders HubSpot. This philosophy focuses on educating rather than interrupting, it is about giving audiences what they need by creating content, often via your website that will help them. The goal than with an inbound website is to provide visitors with solutions to their unique problems. 

This is exactly where an inbound website starts to differ from a traditional website design. Inbound believes in taking the focus off language that hangs on why you're great and instead uses content and structure to demonstrate how your products or services are the solution that visitors are looking for. 

The following features, more specifically are what make an inbound website.


Visitor insight and knowledge

Inbound websites are approached first by understanding who the ideal customer is, it's a practice referred to as buyer personas. The design and content development is created to tailor to the taste, habits and needs of two or three specific groups of visitors. 


Optimized content 

A large focus of inbound is content development, content is the key to organic traffic development and lead engagement and conversion. Inbound websites use content to educate and persuade visitors, you'll know a website is inbound if they provide blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, video's, infographics, the list goes on.


Conversion strategy

One of the pillars of inbound is using offers to increase conversion so that marketers have the chance to move a lead down the sales funnel. An inbound website has offers attached to fillable forms typically on landing pages that increase the chance to drive conversion. Examples of offers include a free report, which offers no risk, but is an educational tool for a visitor or a free quote which is for visitors further down the sales funnel who are ready to start sourcing vendor options.



If you've noticed an increased amount of testimonials, reviews and case studies on the websites you visit, it's because proof works. Proof details the product or service from an independent party which helps to build trust from visitors. 


Inbound based website development

We can't recommend an inbound website enough. Your business needs a HubSpot partner who can guide you through the steps of designing and developing a website that is truly made to drive leads and sales. If you're approaching a new website redesign or are a marketing firm that is looking to transition to more inbound based website development, connect with us below. We are the HubSpot developer for tens of HubSpot marketing agencies and have the experience you need to grow with inbound.

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