Yes, we know, digital marketing has become a difficult thing for most businesses. The reality is that it's not harder than any other type of marketing, but the issue is businesses don’t realize the expertise and skills needed to do it correctly.

Let’s start by saying that digital marketing is a changing environment. It's not the same as traditional marketing, because Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the crew change rules every-single-day – or at least for us digital marketers it seems that way.  Therefore, what you know today could possibly be irrelevant tomorrow.  You have to be in constant update if you want to keep up with the latest trends… and hey, who on earth has the time to spend 4 hours of their day searching for new algorithm changes? I’ll tell you marketers!

And this is the important thing that often gets overlooked by businesses.  You won’t ask someone from your team with no knowledge of design to create your new billboard or radio ad, correct? Well, it's the same with digital marketing! You can’t just assume your team knows how to handle it.  There are professionals in this area that spend a lot of time and effort to know how to correctly manage a campaign. There is more to it than just posting 3 times a day on Facebook.

So don’t blame the digital marketing world anymore! It’s up to you to find the correct person or team to manage your strategies and help you succeed! The good news? At Computan we’re experts when it comes to these aspects, so give us a call and let’s talk!

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