If you're new to the HubSpot portal or are just starting to take advantage of HubSpot’s design manager then you are familiar with HubSpot’s design manager and template builder. As always, when you’re getting used to new software you must do research in order to understand it better. HubSpot gives you a number of easy-to-use template options in their portal. This starts at purchasing a template from the HubSpot template marketplace and extends to designing and building your own template in the software.

Both are great options, which we explore more of below.

Your template options in the HubSpot portal

Download a template from the HubSpot marketplace

The HubSpot marketplace offers hundreds of options to HubSpot users, templates are available for all needs and prices range from $0 to over $1000. The cost often depends on what is included, the design of the template and whether or not you're purchasing a template pack or individual templates. The benefits of downloading a prebuilt template are pretty simple, you can use that template immediately without having to use HTML/CSS or understand how to manipulate HubSpot’s design manager.

The templates are built by both HubSpot and HubSpot designer partners which is beneficial because they come with support and guarantee. Your template can easily be adjusted to match your brand stylings when you attach a stylesheet directly to your template.

Build your own COS templates

We find that many agencies like to design their own look and stylings for their landing pages, web pages and emails. This guarantees that you have control over the look of your digital assets and can be accomplished using HubSpot’s design manager and drag and drop template builder. If you’re building basic functions for your landing pages, site pages and emails then as a marketer you can easily accomplish this in HubSpot. If your design or functions require more complicated features you will need to understand the HubSpot ‘s development language HubL.

Build your design in HubSpot so that you have a visual base to start from and then you can recreate that design using HubSpot’s design manager. If you need help navigating the design manager we suggest you use this tutorial, it walks through how to turn your Photoshop designed email template into a HubSpot email template.

The nice thing about HubSpot is that they will design basic templates for you when you join the portal, however you’ll find as you add new accounts and you dive deeper into using the portal, you may want to manipulate these templates for different functions/uses.


Looking for a HubSpot development partner, who can take building templates with HubSpot off your hands so that you can focus on marketing? We help HubSpot partner agencies and businesses across the world reach their design needs in the HubSpot portal. Want to learn more about what we can do for your HubSpot supported business, click here. 

how to build HubSpot templates from a photoshop design file