Digital Marketing is all around us.  You just have to think about how much time you spend on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The good news? Your client’s are also spending time on their devices, so you have a great, direct way to reach and engage with them!

The automotive industry is no different, and is also adapting to these new marketing techniques. Let’s explore 5 great practices for Automotive Digital Marketing:

Own and use Social Media Networks

Create profiles in Social Media and update them constantly. Don’t forget about them. Create a content plan, which will allow you to engage with your audience! Content is king!

Create a website

These days it’s very important to have a website. But it’s not just about buying a domain and hosting, you need to carefully think about how and what to put in your website to make it a lead-generating machine.

Create landing pages

Landing pages are a great way to get leads.  This is different from the website because it serves only one purpose: getting contact information! This way you’ll get more leads for your sales team to follow up on.  An eBook on how to buy a new car is only going to get downloaded by those people that are serious about buying a new car.  Right? So, if they give you their email address, are on your site and downloaded an eBook on how to buy a new car then it's pretty obvious this person is interested in buying a car!


Digital Automotive Advertising

Creating Adwords campaigns is a GREAT way to send people to your website and promoting both OEM specials and private sales.  You can invest as little or as much as you want and – if done correctly – you’ll see a great ROI.


Hiring Digital Support for Automotive Companies

There are teams that are experts at digital marketing and get the crazy world of automotive! Computan is one of those teams! Let us help you!

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